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    Inventory Specialist Portland

Job Summary 

The Inventory Specialist is a Budtender that receives additional training to support store management for compliant inventory activity.  This position reports directly to the Store Manager and does not have any direct reports.  However, they will be expected to support and cross-train other team members on basic inventory needs when appropriate.  The Inventory Specialist shall follow all written operating procedures and will work from the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Inventory Checklists.

Essential Functions: 

  1. Intake product from vendors by following standard operating procedures, using correct naming conventions, and entering proper variable data per product specifications
  2. Communicate with third party vendors and the Procurement Specialist as necessary
  3. Organize proper merchandising and barcode labeling activities with the Operations Specialist
  4. Maintain organization of the Master Inventory Sheet, all inventory bins, storage locations, metrc tags, and inventory quantities
  5. Adjust inventory from Backstock to For Sale as needed
  6. Execute inventory audits with the Compliance Specialist and reconcile inventory discrepancies
  7. Execute compliant waste procedures when necessary 
  8. Complete weekly audits of marijuana inventory, reconcile discrepancies, and report incidents accordingly
  9. Handle items in the Product Return, Item Discrepancy, and Zero Quantity Bins
  10. Utilize Inventory Sell Through reports to determine low inventory thresholds for products and upload to Blaze
  11. Properly file signed METRC Manifests; send invoice receipts to the location’s Accounts Payable software
  12. Run weekly inventory reports and update the Inventory Scorecard prior to weekly L10 meeting
  13. Attend weekly L10 meeting and complete action items, rocks, and escalate issues
    1. Maintain etiquette temperature and humidity levels of the vault storage area 

      Essential Skills and Strengths 

      Strong verbal communication skills, strong teamwork skills and positive relations skills to be successful. Self-motivated and has the ability to work independently and make decisions. Utilizes time effectively to complete unfinished tasks within organization. Excellent organizational skills, detail oriented. Pleasant, professional, and personable. Excellent customer service skills. 

      Software Proficiencies

      Google Drive – record keeping, communications, and planning

    2. Metrc – compliant seed to sale tracking
    3. Blaze POS – proper inventory control and report pulling
    4. Dutchie – proper menu display and ecommerce

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