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Job Summary 


Diem’s Store Managers lead teams to maximize the long-term financial output of their stores by serving the needs of their employees, routinely executing critical tasks, and delivering a rewarding customer experience every time. Our Store Managers act with urgency and are driven to achieve results. They thrive on building high-performance teams that execute quickly and effectively for the sake of our customers.  All employees in the dispensary report directly to this person. They are expert delegators, utilizing their staff to accomplish day-to-day tasks with limited supervision, while also being available to assist when needed. The Store Manager will work from the daily, weekly, and monthly Management checklists and report any incomplete tasks to the Vice President of Operations on a weekly basis. The role is intended to be primarily people-driven, ensuring that the day-to-day operations are in a steady state.

Primary Tasks/Responsibilities:

  1. Work directly with the team to drive sales and exceed financial goals.
  2. Ensure customer satisfaction in-store and online, address customer grievances, respond directly to customer feedback and communications to meet and exceed their expectations.
  3. Leader of people, ensuring all staff are trained properly, given the resources needed to succeed, and held accountable for their performance and conduct. 
  4. Recognize, reward, and celebrate individual employee successes.
  5. Routine execution of documented quarterly one on ones with all direct reports, as well as performance reviews, improvement plans, and individual development plans based on the needs of the employee.
  6. Ensure systemic conformity to all written operating procedures and company policies by dispensary personnel, including but not limited to Diem’s attendance, timekeeping, breaks, off-the-clock work, non-smoking, drug-free workplace, abusive conduct, anti-theft, anti-harassment, equal opportunity, and anti-retaliation policies.
  7. Coordinate with HR Management whenever corrective action is needed for an employee’s violation of policy, poor performance, or prohibited conduct.
  8. Effectively staff and schedule employees, ensuring all full-time personnel are scheduled at a minimum of 30 hours per week, the business does not accrue overtime, and that the demands of the business are adequately resourced for high performance.
  9. Process time off requests and make adjustments to the schedule as needed, ensuring compliance with Diem’s Sick-Time/PTO policies as well as with federal and state labor laws.
  10. Execute necessary timecard adjustments for payroll processing prior to the deadline; validate time card discrepancy submission accuracy.
  11. Facilitate team meetings, including the monthly mandatory in-store meeting and voluntary weekly Level 10 meetings; relay and articulate company priorities and focus to the team. 
  12. Maintain and develop all measurables and scorecards; use them as a way to keep a pulse on the store’s performance and make adjustments when necessary.
  13. Work closely with Operations Management to maintain sufficient stock of marijuana and essential supply inventories
  14. Execute objectives from Operations Management personnel to push aging inventory, including aiding in the execution of price adjustments, bundle creations, and overall menu management. 
  15. Execute daily check-ins with Specialists and Leads to assist with the successful completion of their routine tasks; troubleshoot and engage any escalations from employees as needed.
  16. Ensure all routine inventory, security, and compliance audits are completed in a timely manner pursuant to state regulations; assist wherever needed.
  17. Ensure all operating checklists are completed properly and in a timely manner; submit all checklists and audits to Diem Operations.
  18. Monitor employee cash and marijuana handling; investigate and follow up with discrepancies to identify the root cause of any issues (report evidence of theft to HR and the VP of Operations, Law Enforcement, and the Cannabis Control Commission).
  19. Execute necessary administrative tasks and maintenance in Diem’s Tech Stack, including but not limited to Flowhub, dutchie, Wheniwork, Metrc, Simplifya, and Gsuite for the store’s digital workflows and record-keeping.
  20. Ensure compliant record keeping of all receipts, invoices, manifests, and personnel files, which must include but are not limited to employee job descriptions, CORI background checks, agent registration attestations, RVT certificates, training logs, corrective actions, and one on one documents. 

Management Core Processes


  • Employee Onboarding Procedure
  • Marijuana Agent Registration
  • Employee I-9 Verification
  • Employee Record Keeping 
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Employee One on One Procedure
  • Employee Corrective Action Procedure
  • Employee Personnel Action Procedure
  • Employee Development Procedure
  • Standard Operating Checklists and Internal Audits


Management Core Policies

  • Marijuana Handling Policy
  • Cash Handling Policy
  • Conduct and Behavior
  • Attendance and Tardiness
  • Timekeeping 
  • Confidentiality
  • Personal Appearance and Hygiene
  • Personal Cell Phone Use
  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Solicitation and Distribution 


Key Objectives of Store Management:


  • Limit turnover and develop talented staff for the long term
  • Work closely with personnel to ensure they understand the objectives of the business and their roles in the organization
  • Prevent loss; maintain accurate inventories and cash deposits
  • Control overhead and generate profit 
  • Operate in compliance with local and state cannabis regulations
  • Maintain high store standards and brand appeal
  • Retain current customers
  • Generate 5-star reviews online through Diem’s listings


Essential Skills and Strengths 


Strong written and verbal communication skills, strong teamwork skills and positive relations skills to be successful. Self-motivated and has the ability to work independently and make decisions. Utilizes time effectively to complete unfinished tasks within the organization. Excellent organizational skills, detail oriented. Pleasant, professional, and personable. Able to work well under pressure, resolve conflicts, prioritize tasks, and follow through with ideas. Ability to lead and motivate a team. 

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