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    HR Specialist Portland- Opening Fall 2022

Job Summary 

The HR Specialist is a budtender who works alongside management to aid in the onboarding, training and development of the team members on staff. This position will work closely with the HR Department and Store Managers to ensure that all necessary administrative duties are completed on time and in a compliant manner, and will be expected to be involved in routine record-keeping audits for the establishment.

Essential Functions: 

  • Aids in the training and onboarding of all new staff with Management
  • Conveys and interprets company policy to all staff from the Employee Handbook and Retail Operating Playbook
  • Conducts audits of employee records, including personal files, time cards and any other documentation needed for State and company compliance.
  • Maintains Employee good standing with the State of Massachusetts for all employee Agent Registrations and Responsible Vendor Training
  • Works from and maintains the HR and Onboarding Dashboards as the business evolves with all essential personnel data tracking
  • Executes administrative tasks on an as-needed basis from Management



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