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Job Summary 

The Operations Specialist is a Budtender that spends their time analyzing, optimizing, and auditing SOPs to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the Company’s day-to-day operations. All written operating producers must be written in compliance with state and local regulations, and it is the responsibility of the Operations Specialist to ensure that the SOPs are written in such a way that is sufficient to meet those regulatory standards. The Operations Specialist is also a communications specialist, in a way, ensuring that the team is on the same page with the goals and objectives of the Operations Department.


Essential Functions 

  1. Engage in Process Analysis and create and maintain flow charts for all core processes.
  2. Improve operations through SOP documentation, process flow diagramming, creativity, planning, and execution.
  3. Establish Quality Control and Specification Limitations within core processes to achieve six-sigma standards. 
  4. Mentor team members as the subject matter expert on all written procedures, operating tools, and checklists.
  5. Ensure that all written SOPs are being followed by the team (process audits); escalate to management when they are not.
  6. Assist with inventory intake, organization, counting, and waste as needed,
  7. Work with the Operations Department to set and/or adjust prices on the fly (from in-house production or third party suppliers).
  8. Identify areas of improvement and make recommendations to the VP of Operations on ways to streamline procedures and eliminate or better distribute bottlenecks.
  9. Coordinate with the Procurement Manager and execute logistical objectives for deliveries, record keeping, and menu management.
  10. Analyze margins, sell-through rates, and age of inventory on hand.                    Certifications:  Marijuana Establishment Agent Registration Card and Responsible Vendor Training Certificate

    Essential Skills and Strengths 

    Strong written and verbal communication skills, strong teamwork skills and positive relations skills to be successful. Self-motivated and has the ability to work independently and make decisions. Utilizes time effectively to complete unfinished tasks within the organization. Excellent organizational skills, detail oriented. Pleasant, professional, and personable. Able to work well under pressure, resolve conflicts, prioritize tasks, and follow through with ideas. 

Sorry, but we are no longer accepting applications for this posting. Contact us for more details: jobs@hellodiem.com