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Dabs for dads: how to pick the best gift for your stoner dad

Father’s Day is this weekend, and there’s no better way to say “I love you” than with a sweet new dab rig that’ll help quell the stress of parenthood and the aching joints you wreaked havoc on as a child. Not to mention all the cool new gadgets your dad had to share with you growing up.

It’s time to give back in a big way.

A lot of stoners of old are still all in on the recently accessible and drastically improved flower in the market and reveling in the revival of hash, but introducing them to the concentrate game with a nice dab set up is easier and cheaper than it’s ever been. Just to make sure you don’t leave him hanging at all, let’s walk through everything you need to make dad a certified dabber.

Picking a rig

Now you can technically put a quartz banger or a titanium nail on just about any piece and use it as a dab rig, but there are differences between a good rig and just some piece of glass with the right attachments.

The common consensus among stoners says that big, highly percolated bongs are great for smoking flower because you want to cool the smoke as much as possible before inhaling, but when dabbing you want almost the opposite.

Not to say that you want super hot vapor entering your lungs, but when you hit your dabs at the right temperature you just shouldn’t need much cooling. Additionally, dabs are all about the flavor, and the more filtered the hit gets, the less that flavor comes through.

Some people love tiny rigs so much they use one that they can literally wear around their necks. These really go to show you that size doesn’t matter, temperature is king when dabbing.

Bangers vs. nails

The next decision you need to make for your dad’s dab rig is whether you want to go with a quartz banger or a titanium nail.

The common opinion in recent years has swung drastically towards the quartz option for several reasons, and we here at Diem have to agree with the popular opinion. Quartz is easier to keep clean, heats up faster, cools more evenly, has tons of intricate options, and is generally regarded to produce more flavorful hits.

Titanium still gets the job done, but with so many great benefits to quartz, it’s no surprise that all of our budtenders opt for bangers.

Don’t forget the accessories

While a dab rig is more or less complete with just a piece and a banger, there’s a handful of accessories that go along with a complete setup, some more necessary than others.

As far as necessities go, dad’s gonna have a really tough time dabbing without a torch to heat up his banger/nail and a tool to scoop out dabs is crucial to keep his fingers clean and make sure no wax goes to waste.

That’s technically all you need to take dabs, but, if you really want to take care of dad, there are a few more things you could add to get him started right. After all, he would do the same for you!

Carb caps provide larger, less wasteful hits, silicone containers let you keep all your wax safe and secure, and silicone dab mats give a home to all your tools, keeping any stickiness contained. Finally, a hefty supply of q-tips (or Glob Mops for hitting every corner perfectly) will make sure that dad’s banger stays nice and clean so every hit is as fresh as the last.

The final touches to a happy Father’s Day

Now that you’ve got dad all set with his first dab rig and swanky accessories, make sure you pick him up something nice to break that sucker in. You can start him off with the generic snap ‘n’ pull or shatter, or you can really blow his mind with some terpene packed live resin or THC diamonds. Don’t fret if your old man is faithful to his good old hash, Diem Farms has some incredible full-melt hash coming to a banger near you very, very soon.

In case you hadn’t heard, we’ve got our very own glass shop in Salem right next door to our dispensary at 1038 Commercial St. SE, so you can stop by anytime and we’ll help you build your dad’s dream dab rig. We’ve got everything you need to build the perfect set up so come on in and let us help you make a Father’s Day dad will never forget!