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Finding the Right Cannabis Strains for Sex

Using Cannabis for Sex

Put down the chocolates, oysters, watermelon, and celery — there’s a new aphrodisiac on the block that can help you take your sex life to the next level. It’s green, it’s clean, and it’s totally serene. If you couldn’t guess by now, we’re talking about using cannabis for sex.

You may have read a news story that suggests cannabis can improve sex by heightening feelings of intimacy and sensitivity — or you may know what that feels like from personal experience. Those that already incorporate cannabis into their sex lives have found what works for them through trial and error, but where does that leave the rest of us?

If bringing cannabis into the bedroom has you on the edge of your seat, take a moment to sit back and unwind. Oh, and take a toke from your favorite pre-roll while you’re at it. There are different cannabis strains for every occasion, but which types of strains lead to satisfying sex? Let’s pull back the covers on this taboo topic.

Do Different Strains Matter?

There’s far more to a cannabis strain than its classification as a sativa, indica, or hybrid (these labels don’t always say much about a strain anyway). Each strain will contain dozens of cannabinoids that interact with your endocannabinoid system in different ways to produce different effects. For instance, some strains will make you giggly and others will lock you into the couch. 

Look beyond the strain itself and you’ll quickly find there’s more to this question than meets the eye. Your high is influenced not only by the cannabis strain, but also by your method of consumption (whether you inhale or ingest), the amount of cannabis you consume, and your mood when using cannabis. And then there’s the fact that everyone is different, so whatever floats your boat may do nothing for your partner.

It’s safe to say that different strains do matter when it comes to cannabis and sex, but this is a moot point at its core. Truth be told, there are so many variables that matter when it comes to cannabis and sex!

All this complexity may seem a bit overwhelming, but there’s a silver lining in here too: you can explore different types of strains to find the ones that work best for you. And we’ve got a few tips that’ll get you started:

Terpenes, Terpenes, Terpenes

In order to understand which cannabis strains can boost your bedroom fun, first, we need to take a deeper look at terpenes.

Within the cannabis plant, you’ll find specific glands that produce well-known cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, but these glands also produce and secrete what are known as terpenes — aromatic oils that color cannabis varieties with distinctive flavors such as citrus, berry, diesel, and pine.

Not unlike the aromas produced by flowers in your own backyard, terpenes are produced by the cannabis plant. They help to repel predators and lure pollinators. Think of them as a plant’s natural defense mechanism that aids its survival. Factors such as climate, soil type, fertilizers, weather, and even the time of day can influence a cannabis plant’s development of terpenes.

Though the cannabis plant produces terpenes for its own benefit, we more commonly interact with terpenes when we head to the dispensary and interact with the cannabis flower. Stick your nose in a jar of flower and you’ll likely detect notes of diesel, lemon, or some other enlightening scent. These are terpenes, and they’re powerful in ways untold.

Some researchers now believe that these scents interact with our bodies to elevate our sex life. We already know that some terpenes promote relaxation and stress-relief, while others promote focus and acuity, so it comes as little surprise that terpenes can influence sex.

For instance, the terpene myrcene is found in many relaxing cannabis strains like Blue Dream and Granddaddy Purple. Terpinolene, on the other hand, is often found in uplifting strains like Jack Herer and Ghost Train Haze. While science is still determining which terpenes promote a healthy sexual experience, we do know of some that make a positive impact.

Terpenes That Can Positively Influence Sex

Scientists are still attempting to determine which terpenes will positively influence sex, and this is a difficult task when you consider that over 20,000 terpenes exist. That being said, we do know of two specific terpenes that just might lend a helping hand.


Limonene is known for producing feelings of euphoria, elation, and elevation. Think of it as the terpene that gives you a lighter-than-air, head-in-the-clouds feeling. Limonene has been known to promote relaxation and stress-relief, which can help you get in the right mindset for love.

Popular strains that contain elevated levels of limonene include Do-Si-Dos and Wedding Cake — both of which are favorite strains amongst Diem’s master growers.


Okay, so linalool is technically considered a terpenoid, but this aromatic flavor is similar to limonene in that it produces relaxation and stress-relieving effects. It can also serve as an antidepressant. Users report a slow build-up of intense euphoria before a gradual come down, making this a wonderful option for bedroom play.

LA Confidential, an indica, and Amnesia Haze, a sativa, are both popular strains that contain healthy doses of linalool.

Terpenes to Avoid

Just as there are terpenes worth consuming when you’re having sex, there are also some terpenes worth avoiding. Though we don’t yet know all the terpenes to avoid, we do have a lock on one or two.


Unless you find yourself bouncing off the walls with energy before sex, it’s a good idea to avoid the terpene known as myrcene. This is because myrcene has a very powerful sedative effect that deeply relaxes the mind and body. You may have heard of this sense of euphoria as “couch lock.”

Myrcene is a very common terpene; in fact, it can be found as the dominant terpene in upwards of 40% of popular cannabis strains. It can be difficult to avoid myrcene given its overwhelming popularity, but you can simply try to ensure that it isn’t the dominant terpene the next time you head to the dispensary.

What About Edibles?

Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news: edibles aren’t the way to go for partnered sex. For starters, they affect everyone differently based on personal traits such as tolerance, BMI, and metabolism. They’re also slow to take effect, and they’re often unpredictable. There’s a good chance you’ll peak at a different time than your partner, you’ll probably have sex long before you feel anything, or your dose just won’t be the optimal amount.

If you and your partner know the ins and outs of edibles — or if you’re willing to wait for them to kick in — then this method might work for you. But more often than not, smoking cannabis flower is the way to go.

What Else Can You Do to Spice Up Your Sex?

Cannabis flower and edibles are tried-and-trusted methods of consumption, but there are loads of other things you can do with cannabis to make sexy time more fun. Let’s take a look at some of them in greater detail.

THC or CBD Lube

THC and CBD-infused lube is definitely a real thing, and it definitely works wonders.

Manufacturers of these lube products say they offer a number of benefits, from increased arousal to more powerful orgasms. While the scientific evidence to back some of the claims doesn’t entirely exist, that doesn’t mean the benefits don’t.

CBD lubricants can be slow to take effect and the research is ongoing as we look for ways to improve delivery for faster results. Still, a cannabis-infused lube can give your sex life a little boost when you need it most.

THC or CBD Massage Oil

An oily rubdown can be just the thing you and your partner need to get the party started. Because topical products don’t enter the bloodstream, this can be a great way to make your body feel good physically without actually getting high.

General Tips & Tricks

Just as there are some things you wish you knew about sex before you decided to go all the way, there are some things you’ll want to know about using cannabis with sex that’ll help you get the most out of your experience.

First and foremost, it’s always best to start slow. If you’ve never tried integrating cannabis into your sexual escapades before, consider solo play. This will give you the chance to see how you react to a product, and it can help diminish your worries if you’re concerned about the effects. And if you’re new to cannabis, start with some of the best strains for beginners.

Next, be sure to communicate with your partner before you do the deed. Cannabis can impair your judgment, so it’s a good idea to ensure you have consent with one another, set clear boundaries, and discuss safe sex practices.

Finally, don’t get trapped in your own head. So many of us feel anxious or unsure when it comes to sexual experiences, but remember that you’re on a journey. There’s much to learn, explore, and enjoy along the way.

The Bottom Line

Anecdotal evidence suggests that cannabis makes sex better. Even research shows that cannabis users have more sex than non-users. If you want to give it a try, don’t be afraid to express your interests with your partner, and have fun exploring along the way!

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