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Here’s What You Should Know Before Taking Your First Dab

For the casual weed consumer, dabbing can seem a little intimidating. After all, taking a dab involves a blowtorch, metal “nails” and oil-like substances. Are you getting ready to fix your car, or are you simply getting stoned? 

A lot has changed in the world of cannabis since we started legally enjoying it not long ago. As concentrates grow more popular in states like Oregon, first-time dab users just like you are eagerly stepping up to the plate. But they may be doing so with a bit of limited knowledge.

So how do you know if you’re ready to make the leap? Let’s review the most important dab-related questions to determine exactly what you should know before taking your very first dab.

So What Exactly is Dabbing Anyway?

We know, it sounds a little scary. But simply put, a dab is a concentrated form of THC that’s extracted from cannabis flower using a solvent, such as butane or CO2. Newer methods that don’t involve solvents like rosin and ice-water hash are also utilized, but those haven’t caught on in mainstream fashion just yet. 

Once extracted, the final product results in sticky oils referred to as wax, shatter, budder, and butane hash oil (BHO). Though dabbing has been around for at least a decade, more advanced extraction methods are being developed. And dabbing’s popularity has boosted as a result (FINALLY!).

What Are the Benefits of Dabbing?

When done safely with the very best in dabbing products (like those sold by Diem), both patients and people just like you can find several advantages to dabbing as opposed to other traditional forms of cannabis consumption. The primary advantage remains its swift onset and powerful effects — there’s no doubt you’re going to feel it. 

Patients dealing with severe to chronic pain or extreme nausea report that dabbing can be one of the best ways to get immediate and effective relief. And those that dab can take on a ‘less is more’ approach, meaning you can use a lot less product to reach that wonderfully wholesome high.

What is the Recommendation for Starting Out?

As with most things cannabis-related, it pays to take things slow. Every gram of dab-worthy oil contains approximately 25 servings. Thus, an extremely small portion of a dab is enough to do the trick — perhaps 1/25th of a gram to start. 

As your tolerance grows, or your desire for a stronger high ensues, increase the dosage carefully. Because dabs are so highly concentrated, it doesn’t take much to feel the effects.

What Should You Be Looking for in Your First Dab Rig?

Again it pays to keep things simple as you slowly enter the dabbing waters. Start with basic equipment before deciding if a serious dab rig is something you’d like to invest in — nicer rigs will often go for more money. 

Should you choose to upgrade after growing comfortable with dabbing, do some research and shop around. Look at rigs on Instagram, poke your head into glass shops, and spend some time talking with the experts. There are great dabs rigs out there for under $100.

Is It Possible to Bake a Dab Into an Edible?

Baking a dab into an edible is something a lot of us at Diem love to do. Some don’t even bother dabbing or vaping, but will instead buy oil with the sole purpose of turning it into a scrumptious edible. Once you throw a gram of shatter or oil on a cooking tray and decarb it, it’s fully live and active. From there you can put it into your butter or any other principal baking ingredient. Be sure to determine the correct dosage before consumption, just in case your treats are potent. Believe it or not, this is how to use dabs if you want your money to go a long way (and who doesn’t want that?).

Do Dabs Affect Everyone the Same?

Cannabis remains such an interesting plant because it affects each of us so differently. Some of us will only need a single dab serving to feel the effects, while others may in fact need a bit more (or a lot more). Though dabs are often highly potent, they still affect everyone differently. With that in mind, it would be wise to remain within your personal comfort zone. 

Trying to keep pace with others or pushing your own boundaries are easy ingredients for a wacky high. Take things slow, get to know how dabs affect you, and soon enough you’ll find yourself in a blissful dab-induced heaven.

Dabs & Diem

Truth be told, there’s a lot more to dabs than meets the eye. And you may have more questions along the way! Feel free to contact Diem at any time, or visit our blog to learn more about dabs and how they may affect you.

Diem Farms has some incredible full-melt hash coming to a dab rig near you. And if you’re still in need of that very first rig, we’ve got our very own glass shop in Salem right next door to our dispensary at 1038 Commercial Street! Drop in any time and we’ll help you build that first dab rig that meets all your needs. From there we’ll find the products right for you, and soon enough you’ll be dabbing like a pro. Do some dabs with a bit of help from Diem, and seize your day along the way.

If you’re not in Salem, visit our Portland, Oregon location or either of our Massachusetts locations (Lynn & Worcester). 


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