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Job Summary 

A Budtender at Diem engages in one-on-one interaction with customers from the time they enter the retail area until they check out and exit the store. The Budtender should be friendly and upbeat, passionate, and knowledgeable about the different methods of cannabis consumption. Budtenders play a critical role for Diem, as they connect each unique customer with just the right product for their needs and are responsible for doing so in a compliant (legal) manner.


Essential Functions 

  1. Assist guests in a customer-facing, fast-paced retail environment.
  2. Utilize product and consumption-method knowledge to successfully recommend a safe and effective cannabis experience for customers.
  3. Ensure the sales floor is properly stocked and the presence of the store is well maintained.
  4. Own responsibility for remaining up-to-date with product knowledge.
  5. Play an active part in customer education on products, methods of consumption, and safety as part of patient interaction.
  6. Coordinate returns and exchanges in accordance with company policy.
  7. Utilize POS system to review inventory, check out customers, and conduct returns and exchanges.
  8. Provide necessary support to the management team to ensure retail store operations run smoothly, properly, and in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations, including daily checklists, maintenance, and overall customer satisfaction
  9. Promote a work environment that is positive, communicative, guest-oriented, and compliant.
  10. Attend routine Level-10 meetings with co-workers and management; stay up to date with announcements and updates to Diem policy and procedure.


Budtender Core Processes

  • Customer Checkout Procedure (how to provide a compliant and positive customer experience)
  • Opening and Closing a Point-of-Sale Drawer Procedures (how to begin and end your “till”)
  • Cash Drop Procedure (when and how to make necessary cash drops throughout your shift)
  • Escalation Process (who and when to go to when you need help or have a question)
  • Product Return and Quarantine Procedure (how and when to accept a product return, as well as what to do with the product thereafter)
  • Item Discrepancy Reporting (how to record and report inventory defects)
  • Sanitation Procedure (relevant vocabulary and steps on how to maintain a sanitary work environment)

Budtender Core Policies

  • Marijuana Handling Policy
  • Cash Handling Policy
  • Conduct and Behavior
  • Attendance and Tardiness
  • Timekeeping 
  • Confidentiality
  • Personal Appearance and Hygiene
  • Personal Cell Phone Use
  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Solicitation and Distribution

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