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Diem’s Debut on the Silver Screen

Lights, Camera, Action! Diem’s first time on live TV!

Did you see us on TV?!  KGW, Portland’s local NBC news team, just did a feature of Diem’s delivery service up in Portland.  We were the first company licensed to deliver weed in Portland, Oregon, and KGW thought that was pretty dope.

Check it out:

Just like our co-founder and CFO, Frank Kanekoa, said, we want to become the Amazon Prime Now of weed.  We’re working every day to fill our stores with the best cannabis products on the market so we can offer exactly what you’re looking for.  And, yeah, you heard Theresa right, we do everything we can to get you your weed within an hour of your order.  Until the technology for teleporting weed straight to your coffee table exists (we’ll settle for flying cars or jet-packs, too), we’ll keep battling through the busy streets, so you don’t have to.

Oh yeah, don’t forget about the delivery fee of $0.00.

So what are you waiting for?  From 18 year old medical patients treating cancer, to 420-friendly grannies, and everyone in between, if you live in Salem or Portland, Oregon, weed from Diem Cannabis is only a couple of clicks and a few minutes away!

Take a look at KGW’s full story here and have a fantastic Diem!