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Seven Things to Do While You’re Social Distancing and Stoned

Nothing beats getting high with friends, but these days are a little different. Chances are you’ve found yourself working from home, avoiding crowds, and staying in as social distancing keeps you isolated from the world. As difficult as this prolonged waiting can be, it’s important to keep yourself secluded to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

While social distancing can be a struggle at times, it doesn’t all have to be so boring and stale. Sure, you could get high and listen to music or watch a movie, but there are so many other activities you may be overlooking.

To ensure you don’t lose your mind over the next month (or longer), the folks here at Diem have created a list of activities to try while you’re stoned and social distancing.

Watch The Best Stoner Movies

Okay, so maybe watching a movie or two is rather cliche, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Dive into the best stoner movies of all time to keep things giggly and lighthearted, then go ahead and create a list of your personal top ten. You could even go so far as to write a screenplay of your own with all the extra time you have. Put that creative boost to good use and see what kind of cinematic flick is flowing in your head.

Build a Puzzle (Or Car, or Train, or Anything Small)

Piecing together a puzzle may sound like an activity that’s reserved for kids, but this classic in-home affair has experienced a renaissance over the past few weeks. If you’re of the opinion that puzzles are tedious and boring, take a closer look at some of these trippy puzzles that are sure to elevate your high. If fretting over a thousand tiny pieces isn’t really your jam, construct a model car or train and paint it to your liking. Get stoned and take some time to let your imagination run wild. We promise it’ll curb your boredom.

Buy Things Online

Your favorite stores may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to shop ‘til you drop. Take a couple bong rips and play some online bingo to see how many weird items you can add to your cart. Your bank account may hate you, but this isn’t about saving money, it’s about having fun while you’re high.

We surveyed our budtenders to see what everyone was buying lately. Aside from toilet paper and Lysol wipes, some strange answers included Fruit by the Foot, scented pencils, dog costumes, and bacon-flavored toothpaste. We don’t recommend that last one.

Walk Around a Rich Neighborhood

We all love having a smoke and going for a walk, but it’s 10x more enjoyable when you’re walking through a rich neighborhood with those big-ass homes. Not only are they inspirational, but they’re also imaginative as you think of the luxuries they contain. We’re talking pools, movie theaters, and libraries that smell of high-end cigars. If you can safely and reasonably go for a walk while maintaining your distance from others, hit up your local rich neighborhood to make it even more entertaining.

Learn to Cook

Ah yes, the art of learning to cook. Your mom told you to do this before heading off to college, but you’ve only mastered Kraft Mac n’ Cheese since then. If gathering ingredients and creating an elegant meal sounds out of reach, keep things simple and make some cannabutter that you can add to your favorite foods. Now that Kraft Mac n’ Cheese is an edible that’s sure to knock your socks off! Cooking isn’t the easiest task, but it’s simple and rewarding when you get it right.

Pick Up a New Hobby

It seems like everyone’s getting into a new hobby these days as a means of occupying time, so why should you be any different? Chances are there’s a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, and now’s your chance to do just that. From woodworking to scrapbooking or messing with a film camera, get a little stoned, dig into your interests and see where they take you.

We asked our delivery budtenders what hobbies they were into recently and received an endless number of replies. Some of our favorites included wood burning, crafting building popsicle stick houses, embroidery, and testing every flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Write a Letter

Letters and postcards were once our only form of long-distance communication. These days, they’re a novelty that most everyone enjoys receiving. Order a stack of postcard and send them to your dearest friends both near and far. Share some love and good vibes during these odd times as we all navigate spending time alone. Include doodles, stickers, or knick-knacks to make it a bit more personal.

Staying Safe Is the Bottom Line

It’s a rather strange time in the world as we all find ourselves social distancing and spending time away from each other. As difficult as this may be, it’s important to work together in an effort to keep everyone safe. And that starts with staying in.

If you find yourself getting bored during social distancing, try one of these activities to make things a bit more cheerful. Reach out to close friends and family, get a little creative, and even let Diem deliver to your door so you don’t have to step outside. No matter what you do, stay safe and be well, always. Oh, and wash your hands!