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10 Reasons to Love Diem Doobies

Diem Farms is stoked to introduce our latest and greatest creation, Diem Doobies, a pack of 10 pre-rolls that were made just for you. With an assortment of strains that range from creative to calm, we wanted to help you create your perfect Diem, no matter where your adventures may take you. 

Truth be told, there are countless reasons to fall in love with Diem Doobies. We could probably create a list that’s longer than a CVS receipt, but we did our very best to narrow those reasons down to just 10. With that in mind, it’s time to seize your day with a little help from Diem. Happy toking!

1.Doobies On the Go

You’ve got things to do and places to be in life. It would be standard practice to haul your ganja gear to the next destination, but we wanted to make things a little…simpler! With Diem Doobies, you’ve got some good weed that’s ready to go whenever – and wherever – you are. In a pack no bigger than your phone or wallet, the back pocket of your jeans makes for the perfect Diem Doobies storage compartment. Just bring a lighter and everything you need is actually right there in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t get more effortless than that.

2. Share the Love with Friends

Truth be told, Diem Doobies aren’t just for you – they’re for your closest friends too! With 10 pre-roll doobies per pack, you’ll never have to worry if there’s enough for the group, nor will you have to worry about being the next hero when your best friend forgets his bud at home (like he always does). When you share Diem Doobies, you’re sharing some love. It’s time to puff puff PASS!

3. Ready for Any Adventure

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re always chasing that next adventure. Be it a day on the slopes of Mt. Hood or an afternoon floating the Sandy River, carrying around a grinder and papers doesn’t make much sense when you’re always on the go (ever tried rolling up as you drift down a river?). With Diem Doobies, the problem is solved. Pull a pre-roll from the pack, light up, and get back to your adventure.

4. The Best Bud at Your Fingertips 

Pre-rolls get a bad, ahem, wrap because they’re often packed with crummy cannabis. After all, who really wants to smoke mysterious weed that was grown and harvested a couple years back? That’s why we chose to pack our Diem Doobies with the highest quality bud we could grow. It’s fresh, tastes good, and isn’t out to leave you high and dry. Ditch the ditch weed and enjoy the top-shelf bud you deserve. It’s right at your fingertips with Diem Doobies!

5. No Mess, No Stress

Ever try to roll a blunt with friends on your weekend outing when a stiff breeze disrupts your flow? Suddenly you’ve got loose bud in your lap, a half-empty rolling paper in your hands, and a bit of frustration on your face. With Diem Doobies, there’s no mess and no stress. Pulling a pre-roll from the pack and lighting one up takes less time than it would to save 15% or more with GEICO – and they claim you can get that done in 15 seconds. Enjoying a Diem Doobie takes even less time than that, and it’s a lot more fun than searching for insurance.

6. Choose Your High

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself with bud that doesn’t quite suit the moment. Imagine relaxing with a sunset, only to find you’re about smoke some Durban Poison – a heavy-hitting sativa strain that’s bound to get your mind racing. Unlike your friend’s jar of mystery bud, Diem Doobies provides you with a chance to choose the high you want; Bruce Banner is our sativa, Bubble OG is our indica, and Papaya Punch is our hybrid. Pick up a Diem Doobies pack that contains a single strain or one that gives you options and choose the high that’s right for you and your moment.

7. Save Some Time

It’s true that some of us enjoy the process of rolling up; it provides a moment to relax, a chance to concentrate! But life is rather crazy, and we don’t always have that sort of time to roll a few joints for a weekend of adventure. Fortunately, with Diem Doobies, you don’t need to worry about time – EVER. Instead, you can relax, toke at your leisure, and save the rolling process for later. Be here now.

8. Turn a Few Heads

Maybe you didn’t buy that pack of Diem Doobies to look cool, but chances are you’ll look cool anyway when you bust out the box in front of friends. Like that pack of gum in middle school, pretty soon others will be bugging you for some dank bud. You don’t have to share, but refer to Reason #2 above if you want our opinion.

9. Make Some More Room

Unless you’re wearing cargo shorts every day, chances are your pockets get pretty full with other odds and ends such as keys, a wallet, a phone, etc. With Diem Doobies, you can keep that space as open as you’d like. Smaller than the average phone these days, our pack of doobies fits into almost any pocket or available space, making it the perfect companion on all your travels near or far. 

10. Made by Diem, Made with Love

We’d be a bit remiss if we didn’t mention that Diem Doobies were made with love, like all things made by Diem. Everything we grow comes from our farm, right here in Oregon. It’s packaged by a tight-knit group of cannabis enthusiasts, and then it ships to your door (if you’re wise and use Diem Delivery, of course). At the end of the day, just know that we put our heart into everything we provide to you.