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5 Of The Most Innovative New Marijuana Products in Oregon Right Now

If you were lucky enough to have some rad, pot smoking parents raising you, you’re probably pretty familiar with the old school smoke sesh, but we’re not smoking in the ‘80s anymore. It seems that ever since Y2K didn’t wipe us off the face of the earth, a whole lot of people decided to invest their lives into making marijuana products better (thanks guys). Marijuana products in Oregon now come in so many different shapes, sizes, styles, and flavors that it’s hard to keep track of what’s new to the market. Here’s our current top picks for Oregonians looking to expand the boundaries of their high, and look cool while doing it with some innovative new marijuana products.

But First (!!) A Review: What Are Terpenes, Again?

You like weed right? You know what CBD is, right? How about Terpenes? How about Katchin? (JK that’s not a real thing…)

Sure, you might be a decades-old pot-smoker and have the download on all the juicy details on terps, but most smokers are still learning about these delicious natural oils.

Let’s take a quick second to review.

Terpenes are basically what make the smell and the taste of your weed (and most other plants). These beautiful organic compounds bind to receptor sites in your wiggly brain telling you how dank that kush is. They also help you get higher! Like Limonene, which makes strains like Super Lemon Haze taste and smell citrusy. It also helps with those stressed out and depressed phases you fall into every winter around Christmas.

Okay, class dismissed.

1. Terp Sauce

Terps are the major buzzword around Dr. Jolly’s, a company based out of Bend, Oregon, that primarily focuses on making high terpene, high cannabinoid extracts. While you can find some of the tastiest shatter in Oregon coming from these guys, it’s their “Golden Lemonade High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract” (or Terp Sauce for short) that’s changing the way that people smoke. Seriously. This one gram vial of fragrant oil and THCa crystals is blowing our minds right now.

With a combined concentration of 86.5% terpenes and cannabinoids, this is the sauce people will be putting on everything. Dip a J in it, sprinkle some on your bowl, or dab it straight. Terp sauce is super versatile and will take your smoke sesh into the 12th dimension.

2. Dabbables

Speaking of versatility, I’m sure by now you’ve heard the rundown on the THC vape scene that’s taking the weed world by storm, changing the landscape of when and where we smoke concentrates. Our homies at Select are doing it big, and now they’re adding on another layer of innovation.. Remember that one cartridge you found that had the best mouthpiece, the smoothest airflow, and great taste? Do you also remember when it ran out and you could never find one with the same quality hardware again? We hope you held onto it with the hope of one day refilling it, because that day has arrived!

Also – Yay for recycling and reducing your waste footprint!

Select now offers “Dabbables,” one gram vials of the same high-quality distillate you can find in their cartridges. With THC concentrations of over 90%, you may find yourself wanting to use this for more than just a refill. Dabbables come in easy to use glass syringes that make application a breeze. Whether refilling that cartridge or twaxing up whatever you just rolled, simply squeeze out as much as you need and replace the cap. If you’re feeling extra adventurous go ahead and try dabbing some of the highest THC oil you’ll come across in Oregon. Pound for pound (or gram for gram), Select Dabbables are one of the best ways to get the most THC per dollar out of any marijuana products in Oregon.

3. Isolated THCa Crystals

If you know who Bill Nye is, you know that science is cool. But what’s cooler than cool, besides ice cold?

Weed Scientists.

Thanks to those smart pot-cookies, Shango Premium Extracts has hit the market with THCa Isolate, one of the most innovative new marijuana products you’ll find in Oregon. Looking more like the kind of stuff your old weed dealer used to have in his back rooms, this half gram of white, powdery crystalline THC and THCa looks way different from the weed you’re used to smoking, but the consumption methods remain the same. Sprinkle this stuff on top of bowls, put it in your joints and blunts, sugar coat your dabs, or try dabbing it straight. THCa Isolates are groundbreaking right now, and you know you’re going to get a kick out of the way that people react when you pull that out and start smoking it.

“It’s weed…I swear.”

If you’re choosing to get a little adventurous and want to dab it solo, get ready for the smoothest, most flavorless dab you’ve ever had. With no harsh plant material or terpenes remaining, all you get is high. The name “Shango” is made of two words that mean “to strike hard” and “to bewilder.” Those two combined are a perfect representation of the high experienced from THCa isolate; its gonna hit you hard and the high just might bewilder you!

4. Full Spectrum CBD Extract

Canna-Tsu CO2 Full Spectrum CBD Extract Cartridge with Adjustable Airflow by The CO2 Company.” Oh, we’re sorry, did we lose you there? ?

Allow us to break down what all of that means:

CO2 oil: CO2 extraction is becoming increasingly popular in contrast to BHO. By using the natural compound CO2, extraction companies can still reach top quality with way less of the chemical stuff that you don’t want in your lungs..

Full Spectrum CBD Extract: Being a full spectrum extract means that when they pulled all of those lovely cannabinoids out of the flower, they made sure to get all the good stuff and not play favorites. While THC is super sweet by itself, it works better with all of its cannabinoid buddies around him. It’s like THC is you playing a solo drop in Fortnite and the other cannabinoids are all of your homies standing around hyping you up. You just fall into your element better when you’re surrounded by your buds.

“But blog writer guy, you said they didn’t focus on extracting any particular cannabinoids, but it says ‘CBD Extract’ smack dab on the front of the box. What gives?” Great question, strawman I made up for the purpose of explaining myself.

The team over at The CO2 Co. didn’t have to focus on cannabinoid profiles while extracting, because they did that when they were choosing which flower to extract from. Canna-Tsu is a hybrid weed strain well known for its almost 2:1 ratio of CBD:THC. The CO2 Co. decided to use this flower for their CBD extract cartridges and naturally got concentrations of 31.4% THC and 50.5% CBD for a total of 85.7% total cannabinoids. That leaves users with a vapor that won’t be overly cerebral while still providing all of the medicinal benefits from the cannabis plant. And if this extract doesn’t sound innovating enough for you, just wait until you get your hands on the hardware of this cartridge. You could extract the best quality concentrate on the market, but if you put it in a plastic tank, with a plastic mouthpiece, with cotton wicks, and a cheap heating element, you’re not committed to quality. Luckily, this cartridge doesn’t have any of that junk. When you buy this cartridge you get a durable glass tank, a metal tip that has three variable airflow settings, ceramic wicks that won’t taste burnt, and a heating element that can work on variable voltage batteries. Oh, and they triple test every cartridge before it leaves their shop. Now that’s a serious commitment to quality.

5. Disposable CBD Pens

Innovative ways to get high are popping up left, right, and center, but if getting high isn’t really on your agenda, don’t worry. There are still some super cool marijuana products in Oregon for you. The coolest of which comes in a super discreet and easy to use package. Disposable CBD vape pens by Select Oil make it ridiculously easy to receive the medicinal benefits that CBD has to offer without any of the high from THC. It’s a choose your own flavor kind of thing. You can find these disposable vape pens in three different options with corresponding flavors: Grapefruit Revive, Peppermint Focus, and Lavender Relax. Each pen is filled with a half gram of about 50% CBD and natural essential oils.

Feeling extra “f*** your coffee” right now, but still need a little boost in the AM? Revive is a great way to start your day. Once you’re moving through the motions, the Focus pen will help shave those negative energies off your aura that your coworker keeps throwing at you, with a clarified state of mind and soothing peppermint oil. Time to sign off and peace out of work? Once you’re back home, kick back and Relax with calming, sweet-smelling lavender. Use these pens as needed, and once you’re done with your 150 6-second puffs, just toss them out and enjoy a life where you don’t have keep track of that stupid-small usb charger!

So there you have it: Five of the most awesome, innovative new marijuana products in Oregon right now. The wide world of weed is expanding every day and we’re all struggling to keep up with the newest and nicest products. There might not be enough time in one life to enjoy every product out there, but if you tried, we’d bet money you’d have a good time! Whether you’re trying something new or sticking to the tried-and-true, enjoy responsibly and make the most of your Diem!