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What Are The Best THC Oil Cartridges? Orchid Essentials Vape Pen Review

We’ve come a long way from the dusty looking 1977 High Times top 40 and the ethanol dabs of the ‘90s. Weed really won’t stop evolving, and if you’ve been around the industry the last few years, you’ve surely noticed that THC oil cartridges have burst onto the scene as one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis and one of our favorite tools for getting high on the goWith all of the newly gained popularity around cannabis concentrates, THC oil cartridges have started popping up everywhere under hundreds of different brand names. While there have been scandals regarding some companies’ product integrity, certain brands have really risen to the top. One of the most prominent of those is Orchid Essentials vape pens and THC oil cartridges.

Q: What makes Orchid Essentials THC oil cartridges unique?

A: Orchid Essentials staffs several PhD holders and their very own terpologist! Each of their 1 gram THC oil cartridges comes with high quality distillate as well as a healthy concentration of terpenes.

Q: What is so special about the terpene concentrations in Orchid Essentials THC oil cartridges?

A: The terpenes that Orchid Essentials reintroduce to their THC distillate influences more than just the taste. You’ll see on each box an indication for “Nighttime” and “Daytime” use. They mix in natural terpenes from the original strain in order to match the taste and effect as closely as possible.

Q: I just want that tantalizing THC, who cares about terpenes?

A: You should! Terpenes are natural compounds in cannabis that create the scent and flavor, but they do more than just that. Terpenes bind to the same receptor sites in your endocannabinoid system as other cannabinoids and influence your high. Without high terpene concentrations, THC distillate is just a plain buzz.

Q: Does Orchid Essentials make flavored THC oil cartridges for their vape pens?

A: While some of their THC oil cartridges are designed to taste like the flower they are extracted from, others like Strawberry Cough, Tropical Trainwreck, and Bubba Kush are “Inspired Flavors”. Each one is an incredibly developed sweet treat that provides the exact experience you’re looking for.

Q: I already have a battery, why should I buy the Orchid Essentials vape pen kit instead of just the THC oil cartridge?

A: If you’re just running a standard battery, the Orchid THC oil cartridge won’t work anywhere near its full potential. Orchid Essentials’ state of the art batteries put every other to shame. They charge via micro-usb and each charge lasts long enough to get through 2 full gram THC oil cartridges! On top of that, the battery has 3 different heat settings so that you can customize your experience.

Orchid Essentials vape pen kit review

If you ever have any other questions about Orchid Essentials THC oil cartridges, we’re always here to help. Our budtenders see a lot of products come and go, but we’re confident Orchid Essentials will be in our shop for a long time to come. You’ll find that we have all bought into their wonderful products and no product gets as many recommendations. We’re using Orchid Essentials every single Diem, and we think you should be, too!

You can check out our wide variety of strains and flavors here and add them to your delivery order anytime!