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The Best Ways To Get High On The Go

Summer is finally here! The days of staying home for every sesh are over, and there’s plenty of green out there to see (and smoke). It’s time to crawl out of your garage and get back to exploring. Whether you’re heading to the beach, cruising downtown, or backpacking around Mt. Hood, Diem has you covered with the best ways to get high on the go. So when you’re making plans to enjoy your summer, don’t forget to invite Mary Jane.

When You Need To Zone Out On A Long Hike

One of the simplest ways to get high on the go is with edibles. No combustion, no extra gear to bring, just snacks. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of intense edible highs where the experience gets out of hand, and you’re probably thinking that adding the outdoors to that would be a bad idea.

What We Suggest:

WYLD gummies are the answer to that problem. WYLD makes some super tasty gummies that come 10 to a pack, each with 5mg of THC. 5-10mg is the perfect dose to get your mind right. Heading to the beach to unwind on your day off? Have a couple of their marionberry flavored indica gummies and ease your body and mind into a further state of relaxation. The raspberry flavored sativa gummies are perfect if you’re on the move, though. Everything is more vivid and so easy to appreciate with the mood boost you get from these sweets. We know how delicious they are, but these aren’t your granddad’s candies. Start slow. You don’t need to eat the whole pack to get yourself high on the go, but if you do you’re probably still gonna have a great time.

When You’re Stuck On A Family Camping Trip

While edibles reign as the kings and queens of discretion, sometimes urgency is the deciding factor. We’re talking “stuck on a camping trip with your intolerant relatives who like to talk about politics” kind of urgency, here. Speaking from a place of experience, you DO NOT want to wait for that high, and you certainly don’t want it sneaking up on you in the middle of a conversation about your future. That’s where the wonderful world of weed tech comes into play. Portable weed smoking devices like THC oil vape pens are still super discreet and act a whole lot faster than edibles.

What We Suggest:

Orchid Essentials vape kits are going to be your new favorite piece of camping gear. With a battery that lasts for two full grams and cartridges that rip like a dab rig, this THC vape pen is one of the best ways to get high on the go quickly and discreetly. And if you’re still worried about the minor smell from cartridges giving you away, Orchid offers cartridges that straight up smell and taste just like Bazooka Bubblegum or strawberry lemonade. Don’t trust me? Well, first of all, I’m hurt, but secondly, I only see one way you can prove me wrong: try one for yourself 😉

When You Catch That Vista Right At Sunset

Now, for all you dab connoisseurs who can’t bring themselves to part with their solid concentrates, tough luck. Looks like you’re stuck packing your torch, rig, cap, and whatever else you use everywhere you go.


What We Suggest:

You can find the same discretion and convenience of a THC vape pen without limiting yourself to prefilled cartridges. The Cricket vape pen is a battery with a neat little atomizer attachment specifically for solid concentrates. You can take your favorite shatter, crumble, live resin, or whatever else you dab, drop it right in on the quartz rod, and toke away. Not only is the convenience amazing, but because of the consistently perfect temperature, this method produces some of the best tasting dabs you’ll ever have. This THC vape pen is the perfect portable weed smoking device for concentrate connoisseurs who value variety and the freedom to choose their own adventure while getting high on the go.

When You’re Ready To Take Staycation To A New Level

Going out for the summer doesn’t always require discretion. While joints might not be considered the best stealth smoking devices, they’re perfect for a simple smoke and only need to be sparked once. You know, sometimes you just want something to puff on while you’re out back flippin burgers and playing corn hole, and you’ll have a free hand so you might as well fill it with a joint.

What We Suggest:

Joints and blunts still reign supreme for the backyard hangout sessions, and for good reason. Stoners have been smoking js forever and many still consider it the best way to get high on the go. Whether you’re out back BBQing or sitting around the fire after a day of backpacking, spark up and settle in for some good vibes with some good people. After all, it’s just you, your buds, and your bud. Take a minimalist approach and ditch all the glass and metal for a little bit of paper and some pretty green (or purple) flowers.

The Name’s Bong. James Bong.

If smoking flower is your thing, you’re gonna love all the new and creative portable weed smoking devices. You could stick with the old apple pipe and eat the evidence post smoke, or you could get down on some of the new stealth smoking devices. The choices for discrete weed pipes are seemingly endless with pipes disguised as almost everything. Old Starbucks cup in your car? Nah, thats a pipe. How about that lipstick in your purse? Also a pipe. But that Zippo lighter must just be a normal lighter, right? Nope. Pipe. You can even origami yourself a pipe. Some companies are getting fresh and making discrete weed pipe bracelets while others are putting a new spin on the old mini bong with collapsible silicone bongs. If 007 was a smoker, he would definitely be fitted with some of these gadgets.

Whether you like the newfangled stealth smoking devices or the old school hitters, good times and better memories are right in front of you. Explore the endless possibilities and let us know what you think the best ways to get high on the go are. Whatever you do, make sure your priority is having fun. Smoke up, be thankful for the beautiful people and places around you, and make the most of these long summer Diems.