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How To Use Marijuana To Make Your Experiences Better

Marijuana Is A Gateway Drug…To Enhanced Experiences!

This is a whole new world of legalized recreational cannabis! You can smell that change in the air (literally), and it smells a lot like those crystalline green nugs of beautiful cannabis you found in your co-workers jacket last week. Cannabis is everywhere these days…your grandma’s purse, the not-so-secret stash jar on your pantry shelf, and most definitely, it’s in your neighbor’s backyard (we looked).

So, most people are smoking it, but you’re not like most people – just waiting to get high when they get off work. You recognize that this beautiful marijuana plant has much more to offer than the couch-lock reputation created by stoner movies and the infamous vilification of hemp. I mean, that’s why you’re reading this instead of some pointless article you found on Facebook today, right?

We get you.

That’s why we dug deep into our knowledge, used a little science, and a whole lot of wisdom from personal experiences to help you pair together some of the dopest things you can do while you’re high AND just the right strain to do them with. Say “hello” to a whole new category of inside jokes while adventuring with your friends, or lock yourself inside and create the next Mozart concerto.

The possibilities are endless!


What To Smoke When Bob Ross Shows Up At Your Door

> Want to get your creative juices flowing? Smoke a sativa.
> If your mind is distracting you, pick a strain like Jack Herer or Purple Haze.

“There’s nothing wrong with having a fatty joint as a friend.” – What Bob Ross would have said if Marijuana had been legal in 1991. (Let’s be honest here…)

So, you’re about to settle in and create a masterpiece, but you want a little something to help you focus and get in the groove? Try a sativa strain. Sativa weed strains are well known for their uplifting, creative effects. Your artist residency begins as soon as you pull that beautiful bud out, crush it down and roll it into a proud joint. (That’s your first work of art for the day! Great job! Guess what, this guy even made it his profession…) Go ahead, inhale that magical plant power, and find that the colors around you start becoming more vibrant. Feel ready to paint some happy trees?

Some strains can also be great for quieting mind-chatter. Can’t stop thinking about what your coworker said in that meeting yesterday? Is it really bothering you and giving you a nasty case of writer’s block for the vampire mystery novel you’ve been writing since 9th grade? Flowers like Jack Herer or Purple Haze, which keep you clear-headed while promoting focus, can help you clear out all those stressful thoughts. Now you can focus on doing something amazing with your precious time.

But you don’t have to smoke our word for it.

Don’t worry, it’s 2018. Microdosing THC in the form of edibles is a simple, low-key, yet very effective way to help your creativity without worrying about getting “too stoned”. You can control your THC intake, which makes you less susceptible to experiencing the psychoactive “high”. Make sure you take the time to learn about proper dosing and pick some high quality options, and most of all, remember, just because the brownies taste like heaven on earth doesn’t mean you should keep eating them.

Now bust out those crayons and call up all your friends. It’s CRAFT NIGHT!

Wanna get stoned and make some art? Pick up something nice to enhance your next artsy endeavor and get it delivered to you for free.


What To Smoke When You’re Ready To Break In Those New Hiking Boots

> Don’t start fires. Use a vape pen instead.
> Want something to make that view even better? Try Super Lemon Haze.

Sure they might give you some pain at first, but that’s what our CBD chapter is for (spoilers…). Get out there! And while you’re at it, we thought you might want to smoke a little weed. After-all, what’s better about seeing a beautiful landscape, than doing it in a totally relaxed and euphoric state?

Just make sure to use it responsibly.

Yes, we have to tell you to practice responsible cannabis consumption, because we really want you to find happiness, but we don’t want you to get in trouble. Remember, public consumption is still illegal and not everyone around you is as “down to earth” about it. Also, don’t be one of those jerks who throws away a lit joint and starts a forest fire. Be mindful. Make sure the trail you just conquered is still around for everyone else to enjoy.

We know, it’s hard to beat smoking a joint when you get to a hike’s payoff, but embracing some of that new fandangled vaporizer technology can really save you the headache of literally playing with fire. Oh, and make you the coolest kid in your friend group, or your business cohort (whatever floats your boat). Sure, the art of rolling a beautiful joint will always be admired, but the convenience of popping in a cartridge on-the-go makes it possible to experience a wide range of experiences in literally no time.

Didn’t you hear? Vaping is cool again. We said so.

Plus, it’s ridiculously convenient. Go from upping your energy on the trail with a sativa concentrate, to chilling out and enjoying the view with a hybrid or indica concentrate. We recommend Super Lemon Haze’s uplifting and energetic effects to take your next view from mindblowing to “Woah dude…”.

Got your route picked out and just need some herbal motivation? Get just what you need delivered to you for free while you’re making sandwiches for lunch.


What To Smoke When Netflix Releases The Next Season Of Your Favorite Show

> Feeling social? Pass that MK Ultra Blunt!
> Dabbing is also very acceptable. We recommend picking up some Blueberry.

Sometimes, you just don’t want to go outside. Especially when you’re a little stoned and that couch is looking REEAALLL nice. Or it’s cold and raining (which is like 80% of the time in the PNW). We’re here to tell you that it’s okay to get high. Go ahead, Postmates some Chinese food and binge watch Law and Order. Hit up your squad, make it a potluck. We all know that you can’t finish all of the chow mein you just ordered.

Smoke. Some. Blunts.

Or dabs. Who knows, you might want to explore the world of getting pretttty high. Dabbing cannabis concentrate is a great way to get you there. Just make sure you do some research or have your stoner shaman guide you through the process. ✨ Let the worries of your day fall away as cannabis puts you into a state of relaxation. ✨

Socially stimulating and relaxing is the venn diagram sweet-spot you’re looking for and we think Blueberry strain has just the right magical sparkle. Or, if you’re looking to get reeealll chiilllllll pick up some Purple Hindu Kush.

Is the couch your new best friend? Pick up some super chill weed for you and your friends, without even leaving your house.


What To Smoke When You Need To Forget How Much It Hurts

> Pairing CBD and THC together takes healing to a whole new level.
> Not smoking it keeps you more or less sober. Try a topical or a tincture.

Heartache is one thing, but backaches are another. How about foot aches? No thanks.
Sure you could toke up on a number of different strains for that, but maybe you’re one of those people who just aren’t down with the feeling of being “high”. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be a part of “chinese food and ice cream”, or “craft night”. You can still get the benefits of cannabis without getting high.

The THC compound found in cannabis is what carries the psychoactive element that makes you feel “high”. There are ways to get medicinal benefits of cannabis without being zonked out of your mind. Try topical creams containing THC, rub it where it hurts and feel the pain slowly fade away. It works 100% better than when someone kisses your booboo  because THC carries anti-inflammatory properties. It also stimulates your appetite, but if you’ve finished your Chinese food, you probably know that already..

Also, THC isn’t the only compound found in marijuana. The second most prominent properties found in weed is cannabidiol (CBD). I’m sure you’ve already heard your friend’s cousin go on-and-on about how CBD has healing properties and can solve all of your problems. But he also collects rocks so you never took him seriously. Now you can. Because you’re reading about it on the internet. We’re on his side. Well, except for the “solve all of your problems”. Nothing can solve all of your problems unless you were Bob Ross and your problem was an empty canvas.

CBD is also great because there are a lot of ways you can consume it.

CBD tinctures could be the answer to your anxiety about your first tinder date. Or, maybe you agreed to go to your friend’s cousin’s wedding 6 months ago and you totally forgot about it until the day before. Go ahead, take a little “somethin’ somethin’” to help you relax and focus on the positive side of going to a wedding, like free food. We recommend a 1:1 THC to CBD cannabis oil. This is pretty cool because both compounds work better together than they do alone. Just like you and Diem.

It’s a joint effort.

Ready for that self-care night? It’s more than just a trendy thing, it, like, actually feels great too.

Seriously, pick up the phone and get some free weed delivered to your house asap. Because you deserve it. 


This whole new world of cannabis is attracting a lot of googly red eyes, but marijuana has actually been around for a lonnnnng time. We have been cultivating it because the plant reacts so well with our bodies. Now go out there (or stay in) and find out what kinds of things to do while high make you the happiest. Just remember that weed is for every moment and you have the power to harness it to its full potential if you desire.

Enjoy responsibly, and above all else, enjoy your Diem.