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The Best Sativa Strains We’ve Ever Smoked

In case you haven’t noticed, weed has gone pretty off the charts in recent years. If you were to start smoking one strain a day, every day, you’d be trying new strains until July 16, 2025. Now, I think most of us would be pretty freaking jealous of you, but all of that hard work would only catch you up to Leafly as of today, August 10, 2018. And even if you tried all of those strains, you might end up disliking a lot of them.

Luckily for you, we’ve been trying a ton of strains. Strictly for the purpose of research, of course. You know, because we care so much about you.

In the spirit of summer, we wanted to share some of the best sativa strains with you so you can get out there and make some memories! Sativas are known for their uplifting and energetic effects, as well as incredible flavors of citrus and other fruits. Nothing says summer adventure like a great sativa high.

Soakin’ Up Some Sun with Sativas

If your plans for the day involve getting outside and getting active, taking along one or two of the best sativa strains is going to easily improve any activity. If you’re looking for an all-day smoke that will keep you going, you can try something energetic like Green Quack or Durban Poison. Those strains will give you the typical, happy sativa high, while delivering a serious kick of energy! Even if you’re just hanging around the house doing some yard work, you’ll find yourself joyfully motivated after just a couple puffs.

When the sun starts beating down and you’re in the mood for something refreshing, keep your sativa high going with some of the best-tasting strains you’ll find. A tropical choice like Trainwreck or something more citrusy like Sour Diesel will keep you in that euphoric state of mind while providing your sense of taste with a real treat. Sativa strains are loaded with terpenes like limonene and valencene that give them such intoxicating, fruity flavors.

Focus from the Fire

Some of the best sativa strains you’ll find won’t be fruity at all. Plenty will have a fresh pine flavor that makes you feel like you’re out in the woods. The number one example of that is Jack Herer. Jack Herer has been considered a top sativa for decades thanks to its ability to grant razor-sharp focus. With a clear head and plenty of positive energy, good ol’ Jack is a great guy to have around when you need to get down to business. If you’re looking to stay sharp, you might even want to opt for the high-CBD Harlequin. High-CBD sativa strains offer that boost in mood you’re looking for, without an abundance of THC that makes some smokers a little hazy.

Consume Some Creativity

If you tend to live life on the creative side, you’re going to love all of the sativa options available to help you. Ever find yourself stuck in a bit of a creative lapse? You can always lean on inspirational strains like Hippie Chicken, Kali Mist, or Strawberry Cough. While all of these strains have vastly different flavors, the effects of euphoric creativity shine through. Colors appear more vibrant and your mind flows more freely as stress fades away, allowing the river of creativity to run from your mind out onto whatever medium you use. It’s no coincidence that so much incredible art was created during the 60s and 70s.

With all of the 1000s of strains out there, it’s hard to truly nail down what the best sativa strains are. We can only give you some advice based on our experiences and hope you have as good of a time as we have. When it comes down to it, no two stoners will experience the exact same high. You have to get out there and try some new things to see what works best for you.

I know, what a chore 😉

We’d be stoked for you if you got to try every strain we’ve mentioned here, but if you want to branch out and try some new stuff, we’re always expanding our menu and are interested in what you have to say. We love talking about weed every Diem, and we’re always excited to hear about the latest and greatest. So come to us with your sensational sativa stories, and we’ll do our best to help create new ones!