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The Many, Mysterious Uses Of A Mini Bong

Our Shameless Love For The Mini Bong

When most people think of bongs their minds immediately jump to the crazy, extravagant pieces of glass they see on the shelves of their favorite “tobacco pipe” shop. While we’re never gonna hate on your $4,000 Illadelph with an almost comical amount of percs, I think we can agree it’s not the most versatile of pieces, and you’re probably not too keen on taking it out on adventures. For a stoner on the go, versatility is key, which is why we think every collection should include a mini bong.

Why The Mini Bong?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. “Why would we use a bong when we’ve got all these cool pipes, joints are cheaper than ever, and you can buy blunts rolled better than your favorite rapper’s?” Well, because bong rips are fun, and any reason to add to your smoking collection is a good one.

Mini Bongs Are Versatile

Joints, blunts, vaporizers, and small pipes are all great choices when you’re looking to smoke on the go, but they each have their disadvantages. Joints and blunts require a decent amount of time (both rolling and smoking it), vaporizers only work as long as the battery is charged, and small pipes tend to just be pretty harsh, overall. Just because you leave your house doesn’t mean your smoke sesh should be automatically downgraded. You can get the smooth hits you’re used to in your living room at the top of a mountain or in a cave at the beach, all you need is a mini bong.

Mini Bongs Are Affordable

Small bongs are a lot lighter on the wallet at $15-60, but still give you that nice, smooth, water-filtered hit you love. With a little bit of planning, mini bongs can go wherever you go, all you need is a backpack and a water bottle. Whether you’re trail, beach, park, or BBQ bound, if you’re getting out of the house you don’t need to restrict yourself to other methods of smoking.

Mini Bongs Are Durable

I know, there is one glaring downside to packing mini bongs: glass is notoriously fragile. One fall and you might have a backpack full of glass shards. Well guess what? You can get a mini bong made out of food grade silicone. They’re virtually impossible to break, easy to pack, don’t degrade from heat, and most of them are even dishwasher safe. Silicone mini bongs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so you can pick the adventure buddy that’s perfect for you. Another big shout out to the scientists and engineers behind some of weed’s coolest products (stay in school kids).

Mini Bongs Are Environmentally Conscious

Using a small bong outdoors also happens to be approved by everyone’s favorite fire hating bear, Smokey. Because you have a packed bowl, there isn’t the danger of the cherry falling off your j and starting a forest fire. You can just rip to your heart’s desire and pull those scary embers straight into the water. At then end of your sesh you even get to give back to nature by watering some local plants. How green of you. ?

Whether you decide to be careful with the glass or hip with the new silicone, we’re sure you’ll be happy with adding a mini bong to your collection. We truly believe that marijuana can help make every experience better, and we want you to be able to tap into that however and whenever you see fit.

So get up and get out there. Pick up a mini bong, grab your best buds and your best bud, and enjoy a nice summer sesh. Wherever adventure takes you, be considerate and remember that not everyone is as 420 friendly as you are. Find yourself a nice isolated spot, spark up, enjoy some good company, and fill your summer with the best damn Diems you can.