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Salem’s Newest Dispensary Embraces A Powerful Message

Originally Featured on Huffington Post 5/12/2017

Diem Cannabis is Salem’s newest marijuana dispensary, offering a bright and welcoming alternative to the usual roundup of recreational dispensaries in Salem, located conveniently on Commercial Street SE.

Walk into Diem and you’ll feel like you might have just walked into an Apple Store. With a crisp white and blue color scheme, custom wall mural, and lush plants, you’ll definitely feel the last bit of the pharmacy-era dispensary slide away. Diem is for everyone. Medical patients, recreational users, first-time pot smokers, and long-standing marijuana aficionados. This is a marijuana dispensary for the people.

Long before Diem opened it’s airy new space, it’s founders, Chris and Frank, had a vision, (and it’s a big one): To see the benefits of cannabis improving lives…everyone’s lives. They believed that every person has something to gain from this miraculous plant. Not just those who fought for weed legalization, but the soccer moms, the business professionals, the grandparents of this world too. And, true to form, the ambitious Chris and Frank wanted to be the ones to make it happen.

You’ll find Chris and Frank at the counter most times of the day, offering smiles and a whole lot of helpful education to anyone who walks in the door (terpenes anyone?). Give them a description of what you’re looking for, an ailment you’re trying to solve, or an experience you’re seeking and they’ll start pulling out glass jars full of indica and sativa strains, hand-selected just for you.

Since cannabis has a long history of stigmatization, Chris and Frank have worked hard to create an atmosphere that feels less like a medical marijuana dispensary and more like your favorite trendy ice cream shop. Sure, this is a weed shop, but it’s also a retail store and everything is tailored toward inclusivity. No matter who you are, or how much you have to spend in your pocket, you are welcomed the same way.

Diem’s selection of cannabis products reflects the same inclusivity values. With marijuana flower ranging from the highest quality aeroponic-grown bud, to sun-grown $3.50 grams of weed, there’s something for everyone. Pot smokers, edible eaters, dabbers, and marijuana consumers of every kind will be more than pleased. Diem offers edibles, gummies (sour & sweet), hard candies, CBD tincture isolate, THC and CBD topicals, CBD pills, flower (indica, sativa, and CBD-dominant strains), shatter, resin, and rosin for sale.

Diem’s motto “Cannabis Is For Everyone” says a lot about the space, and the people behind it. If you’re in Salem, Oregon and looking for a recreational dispensary to call your favorite weed shop, swing by!