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Cannabis and exercise: enhance your workout with weed

Picture someone who uses cannabis in your mind. (It’s okay if it’s you.) Now, when you think of that person, what do you picture when you think about their fitness routine? Cannabis and exercise don’t necessarily come to mind, right?

The traditional image for many is of a stoner on the couch with a bag of Doritos, but according to Time, that’s not necessarily the case anymore – it may actually make you more likely to work out. According to Forbes, everything from the anti-inflammatory properties of popular cannabinoid CBD to the anti-nausea ones of CBDA.

From getting lit and fit with Mary Jane Fonda to working out with cannabis fitness advocate Jennessa Lea, an unprecedented relationship between cannabis and exercise is gaining traction amongst the active – and fast. Recent research has shown that 80% of cannabis users that exercise use cannabis an hour before working out and/or within 4 hours after exercise. 

Now, we’re not talking about getting blazed before you go for a new PR. Everyone has different needs and goals and should adjust their use accordingly, but combining cannabis and exercise is one more way to improve your lifestyle with your favorite plant. 

Sativas vs Pre-workout

Pre-workout, supplements that allegedly help you workout more effectively, has had a lot of use in recent years by the most serious gym rats that want to get their blood pumping as hard as possible. There’s no denying that pre-workout can change the way you feel and positively impact your workout, but there’s more than a few stories out there about some bad pre-workout experiences.

The most common issue people have are the “tingles” associated with some of the most popular supplements, insane headaches, and, in the worst cases, some people have gotten sick to their stomach or passed out. 

If only there was a completely natural solution that didn’t give you the jitters or make you nervous about the ingredients list. You know, something like sativa cannabis strains. 

Sativas are infamous for getting you up and moving around while helping you maintain mental clarity and a positive mindset. From our personal experiences and the tales of many online, smoking a little bit of sativa before you hit the gym can help you lock-in your mind and enjoy the workout more. What’s more motivating than actually having a good time every time you hit the gym? 

If you’re worried about the smell of your fire sativas making you stand out in the gym, you can always just take a couple of puffs off of a cartridge before you head in or opt for a sativa edible that will hit you mid-workout and keep you going!  

Post-lift indicas 

Once you’re done with your workout, it’s critical that you allow your body the best chance to recover by getting a full night of sleep. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule can be difficult, but it is pertinent to keeping a healthy lifestyle.

For the nights where you just can’t seem to fall asleep on your own, smoking a little bit of an indica weed strain is a great way to help lull your body to sleep. For those of you that are trying to avoid any smoke, you can always opt for an indica edible and eat it about an hour before you want to go to bed.

People that include indicas into their nightly routine have been found to fall asleep faster than those without, and there is a better chance of staying asleep throughout the night. Say goodbye to restless nights and give your body everything it needs to truly improve.

Cannabinoids and recovery

A large part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle happens outside of the gym, but cannabis can help you there as well. Whether you’re looking for a better way to recover after your workouts, keep your diet on point, or simply keep a consistent sleep schedule, you can always turn to the plethora of beneficial cannabinoids cannabis has to offer.

While there aren’t any studies that have been verified by the FDA, some research is leading to evidence that supports many of the claims about various cannabinoids. THC, CBD, and CBN have all been shown to express anti-inflammatory and sedative effects. That means your sore muscles will be less inflamed and you’ll be able to get the sleep necessary to facilitate a speedy recovery.

When it comes to creating healthy eating patterns, cannabis and exercise can help you maintain the consumption schedule designed by your specific diet. Some studies suggest that while THC and CBN are appetite stimulants, CBD works to inhibit your desire to eat.

Carefully choosing what kind of cannabis you consume can really help you stick to your regimen and stay consistent with your goals. Going with an indica like Dosidos can help kickstart your appetite while simultaneously relaxing you for the night. What a perfect post-workout strain! Alternatively, suppress your snacky desires throughout the day with some Super Silver Haze!

As we all continue to integrate cannabis and exercise into our daily lives, it’s no surprise that we are learning more and more on how to stay away from the common tropes of your stereotypical stoner. With that being said, a large part of your well being is associated with your mental state.

Don’t forget that it’s okay to just use cannabis for recreational purposes still! You work hard and deserve to make the most out of your downtime, even if that’s just getting high and watching The Office for the 500th time.