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The Top 5 Best Oregon Edibles

Out of control sweet tooth? Looking to give your lungs a break? Want some baked goods that will get you baked?

Well, you’re in luck. Oregon is off the charts with different selections when it comes to eating your weed. The top selling cannabis products sold in Oregon in 2018 were all edibles, and influential companies like Netflix and Vice are capitalizing on the hype. Hell, even some cops can’t resist the sweet temptation of cannabis edibles.

If you’re looking to get into the edible scene, we’re here to help! We have our finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest edibles in Oregon, along with some well-trained stomachs that help us weed out (heh) the bad ones. While we could go on for days about all of the edibles we carry, we’ll keep it to just five of our favorites for now.

Pearls by grön

Grön (pronounced grewn) is already widely known and loved throughout the state for their fine, artisanal chocolate bars, but they’ve recently taken their culinary finesse into the gummy realm. Pearls are fresh to the market, and just like the chocolates we know and love, you can get 50mg of THC, or get your CBD on with their 1:1s (50mg:50mg CBD:THC) and 2:1s (100mg:50mg CBD:THC).

Each of the 6 different flavors are named after the unique experience each one provides: Focus, Boost, Unwind, Bliss, Stimulate, and Relax. Treat yourself to some Focus with mango-chili and later Unwind with their tangerine-orange gummies. No matter what you need it for, each pack of 20 gummies is a great addition to your week.

Chocolate Chip Cookies by She Don’t Know

We’re going to be completely honest with you: this is our most likely product to be out of stock. But honestly, it’s your guys’ fault. We pick these individual, 50mg cookies up by the hundreds, but when people come in buying 5-20(!) at a time, it can be tough to keep up.

We really can’t blame you, though. These cookies from She Don’t Know (or SDK) were created specifically to provide Oregon consumers with a high tolerance a 50mg edible at a great value. Like, seriously great. No, you aren’t dreaming and yes, you should wipe that drool off your chin.

Gummies by Wana

It’s another gummy brand, we know, but Wana is something special. Already the number one edible brand in Colorado, Wana is making a name for themselves in Oregon by offering these vegan, gluten-free gummies devoid of any artificial flavors or colors.

While many edible brands infuse their gummies with distillate or weed butter, Wana instead opts for high-cannabinoid tinctures. Whether it is high in CBD, THC, or both, Wana is sure to lab test each tincture before using them for infusion. They then adjust their recipes accordingly to make sure each made from scratch batch of gummies is not only accurately dosed, but also phenomenally tasty!

Softgel Capsules by Siskiyou Sungrown

Clearly, this isn’t your typical edible. While baked goods and candies are more on the fun side of cannabis edibles, Siskiyou Sungrown takes their cannabis consumption extremely seriously. If you aren’t already familiar with their RSOs and tinctures, allow us to sing the praises of this farm. Without a doubt, this company makes some of the finest medical-grade cannabis products you can find in Oregon.

Using their own organically grown cannabis, these capsules start with FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil), get a little bit of MCT oil to increase absorption, and are precisely dosed in medical-grade capsules. Just like many other edibles, these capsules are available in CBD-rich, THC-rich, and 1:1 varieties, but since these are technically classified as a concentrate, you can get up to 100mg of THC per package (the state’s maximum concentration for recreational edibles is 50mg per package).

Gems by Drip Sweets

A hard candy that actually tastes good. A mom-daughter owned brand, Gems are a unique offering focused on more than just getting you high. In their own words:

Brings vitality to your inner visions. Grants ability to play with time & inter-dimensional travel. Divine awareness of the earth as paradise. Joyful engagement with the physicality of life. Courage to live in Integrity. Liberation. CHAKRAS: Soul Star (3rd), Light Crown (8th) ELEMENT: Wish Kisses PHYSICAL: Infuses the body with sock dancing EMOTIONAL: Zest for life. SPIRITUAL: Vibrant exploration in the psychic realm of possibility.


The cannabis market in Oregon is flush with options, and while we may not be able to try every edible available to us, we’ve tried a whooole lot of ‘em. We would never lead you astray, so you can trust us when we tell you that every product above is top tier. There’s a high-quality option for every experience you’re looking for, but feel free to stray from our list and find your favorites! We love talking weed whenever we can so feel free to share your experiences with us. Everyone loves a good edible story!