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The 5 Best Places in Worcester to Get Stoned

The city of Worcester is slowly but surely changing. Apartment complexes reach towards the sky as artisan eateries emerge on street corners that once stood vacant. The downtown area grows more popular than ever before. And this all comes as New England’s second-largest city continues to expand at an escalating rate. 

Perhaps the biggest change that’s come to Worcester in recent years, however, is the legalization of recreational cannabis for all to enjoy! As new dispensaries pop up on vacant street corners, you may be among the many looking for the best places in town to enjoy the newfound high. When combining the ‘new’ Worcester with that of the old, we here at Diem have rounded up the best places to do just that. It’s time to kick back, relax, take a toke, and see The Woo from a brand new view.

The Worcester Art Museum

Remember that iconic scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when Cameron stared deeply into that painting at the Chicago Art Institute? He was transfixed, mesmerized even, by the simplest of depictions that showed a sunny day in the park. Now we’re not going to suggest that any of those characters were a little stoned, but who’s to say for sure? Let’s just say it certainly wouldn’t hurt to snack on an edible before the museum tour begins.

To have your own out-of-body experience just like those crazy kids did way back when, get a little baked before spending the afternoon wandering the Worcester Art Museum. Suddenly the paintings, sculptures, and mosaics seem to possess a bit more energy than they did the last time you dropped by the museum as a kid on a school field trip.

Maybe then you’ll understand what all those artists were trying to say, or maybe they’ll actually decide to have a chat with you instead. And if there was ever an environment worth being stoned in, an art museum should probably high on your list; The quiet and tranquil museum vibes will ease your mind in a manner you once thought impossible.

Wormtown Brewery

There’s nothing quite like catching a buzz after you’ve already caught a high. Because we can’t quite enjoy THC-infused beer just yet, you’re only left with one option: hit the best bars in town.

While many breweries throughout Worcester offer delicious and sudsy libations, none are more popular than Wormtown Brewery. The beer maker has been open for nearly ten years as it proudly sits on Shrewsbury St., and it’s time you went in for a drink with a new perspective.

The first thing you’ll have to do is drop by Diem’s Worcester Location and pick up some quality kush that’s worthy of the adventure. Once you’re feeling the high, take our advice and start with one of Wormtown Brewery’s most famous IPA’s “Don’t Worry.” After you’ve downed your first glass, be sure to follow it with their other popular offering “Be Hoppy.” Pretty soon you’ll be channeling that feel-good energy of Bobby McFerrin as his tuneage plays on a loop in your head. We hear it every time we pay Wormtown a visit.

Central Rock Gym

There are few better ways to exercise while stoned than to hit the local rock gym. As intense as the towering heights of a pitch may seem, slowly the background fades into the distance and the holds become your only source of mental concentration as your high evolves into a state of flow.

With an upbeat atmosphere that possesses those notorious feel-good climbing vibes, quickly you’ll find yourself in one of the best stoner situations possible. If you want our personal opinion, head to Worcester’s Central Rock Gym to, ahem, get a little higher. And if you’re one of the many climbers too afraid to ascend those big walls, keep things simple (and closer to the ground) by sticking to bouldering instead.

Elm Park

No guide to enjoying a high is complete without a nature experience along the way. Of all the outdoor opportunities dispersed throughout The Woo, Worcester’s Elm Park may be the best spot on the map to kick back and relax.

A recent $4 million renovation has made the park one of the very best in town, with lush lawns that are perfect for catching a snooze, and ponds that give you a chance to stare deeply into your own reflection (if you’re into that sort of thing). Catch a high and relax the New England Summer away, or watch as the leaves transition into the brilliant colors of Fall. For added fun, keep on the lookout for the Elm Park Summer Concert Series, featuring local musicians on evenings throughout the warm Summer months. There’s no better way to enhance your experiences than to combine them with a bit of cannabis along the way.

Volturno Pizza Napoletana

After all that climbing, walking, and citywide exploration, the final stop on your weed tour should include a harty bite to eat. Of all the diverse places one can feast in Worcester, sometimes it pays to keep things simple with a good slice of pizza. We’re not quite sure how Volturno Pizza Napoletana has managed to preserve a 200-year-old tradition, but our taste buds know not to question a good thing once it hits our palettes.

With the very best farm fresh ingredients in every slice, the pizza can admittedly cost a pretty penny, but quickly you’ll find it to be worth the price after only the first bite. With classic pizza ovens spewing warm and doughy fumes straight into your face, there may be no better place in Worcester to grab a bite that soothes the munchies you’ve definitely been suppressing all day.

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