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How To Take CBD Oil: The Best Methods For New Users

In the world of cannabis, CBD is widely praised and often considered one of the primary reasons for the recent shift in America’s increasingly accepting view towards pot. Considering CBD works medical miracles without the “high” commonly associated with marijuana, the argument against the use of CBD as a safe and effective medicine is a difficult one to make. CBD oil can help alleviate pain and anxiety that people from all walks of life suffer from, with no intoxication whatsoever. We know that CBD extract works within a harm reduction system found throughout every major organ and nerve ending in our bodies, that regulates a host of biological functions related to pain, sleep, appetite, blood pressure and many others. There are several different ways of consuming CBD. Whether it’s by smoking CBD weed, eating CBD infused edibles, taking CBD pills, or through direct CBD oil tinctures, CBD products are safe and on the raise. CBD products are still relatively young in the cannabis industry and new users are still eager to learn how to take CBD oil.

My Favorite Way to Take CBD

I for one am a huge dark chocolate fan. It’s a nice tasty snack that comes with several long-term health benefits. Both the cocoa plant and the cannabis plant are loaded with antioxidants, that ultimately work to eliminate the harmful free radicals we accumulate throughout our daily lives. This makes dark chocolate infused with CBD concentrate an ideal way to protect yourself from the oxidants that can lead to mutations in your cells, and develop into tumors. People are now just finding out that there’s much more to weed than just getting high, and you don’t have to smoke it to reap in the benefits! At Diem Cannabis Dispensary, we offer Dark Chocolate bars with a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio, that are infused with locally sourced “Clean-Green” certified cannabis oil.

I’m not the only one who enjoys Gron’s CBD Dark Chocolate bars. A regular customer of ours, Mr. Williams, uses medical marijuana to help with the neurological injuries he’s endured from two strokes. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain is blocked, depriving the brain of oxygen and nutrients. A leading cause of strokes worldwide is high blood pressure, something Mr Williams has had issues with and is currently taking medication for. During my last encounter with the gentlemen, he passionately spoke on behalf of CBD, saying “This [Dark Chocolate 1:1] has helped me so much Johnny… It consistently lowers my blood pressure by at least 20 points, it’s so effective…I feel so overmedicated with pharmaceuticals, they’re killing me…” Encounters like this give me the chills, and it really highlights the bigger picture behind the marijuana industry. Everyday encounters with medical patients show me the importance of pushing for a more compassionate approach toward marijuana laws nationwide.

Smoking Flower With Low THC & High CBD

At our cannabis dispensary, we’ve helped numerous patients who have had serious opiate addiction issues, but decided to go with CBD Therapy to relieve their pain instead. CBD Therapy is a marijuana strain with very little THC and much higher rates of CBD. The flower can be smoked to provide instant pain relief with little to no high at all, making it another popular method for new users learning how to take CBD oil. In contrast to using the synthetic opioid pain-relievers on the market (and black market), CBD comes with no risk of overdose fatality, and does not cause a physical dependance. As the opiate epidemic gets worse and worse in the United States, research has shown that “states with medical cannabis laws had a 24.8% lower mean annual opioid overdose mortality rate compared with states without medical cannabis laws, between 1999-2010.” This information directly conflicts with the Schedule 1 classification of marijuana under the Controlled Substance Act, which groups it with heroin and claims that the flower is an addictive substance with no medical value. It’s clearly an outdated classification that was irrationally legislated for political motivations.

It seems that marijuana has been studied in two polarizing fashions. While both sides may be objective, rational, and data driven, they are opposite in their demeanor. While one side focuses on medical potential, the other side stresses abuse potential. Regardless of what side of the aisle you’re figuratively on, do you think prohibition is the solution? Is a person worse off on pot or crystal meth? From my experience on the west coast I would say meth, for sure…

Then why is methamphetamine a schedule II drug while marijuana remains a schedule 1 with stricter penalties? Research​ from another Pub Med article ​shows​ ​that​ ​chronic​ ​methamphetamine ​use​ ​is​ ​on​ ​the​ ​rise​ ​worldwide​ ​and​ that ​the​ ​side​ ​effects include heart failure, malnutrition, violence, and potentially death. While there hasn’t been a single overdose fatality attributed to marijuana, it still ranks worse than meth according to the federal government! What if society started recognizing cannabis as a gateway off of hard drugs, instead of a gateway onto hard drugs? Perhaps a more humane approach towards handling drug addiction is necessary to solving the issue, rather than a profitable system of arresting nonviolent drug users.

Other Popular Ways to Take CBD

At Diem, we’re dedicated to making a difference by offering a safe alternative medicine to anyone over the age of 21, or 18 with a OMMP Medical Marijuana license. Our Diem brand CBD Capsules are another popular way for users to consume CBD and come with 900mg of isolated CBD cannabinoids (so there is no “high” associated), for day or nighttime dosage. They are a clean and convenient way to absorb CBDs, with either relaxing or focus-enhancing effects, and are available in store or for delivery in Salem, Oregon. We also offer a Diem CBD Tincture, for those who are more comfortable with the CBD oil directly administered orally.

We work hard to represent the industry in a positive manner, by offering people safe medicine at affordable prices. States like Oregon, California, Colorado, and Washington are pioneering a new industry, a powerful force that is truly special. So it’s our responsibility to lead by example and work to improve public health… Improve your health today and try CBD!

Diem Cannabis – CBD Oil Delivery Service

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