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How Long Does A Weed High Last?

A cannabis high is a magical, mystical, and whimsical experience. Food tastes better, music is euphoric, and even mundane tasks like cleaning the house can suddenly become a source of entertainment.

But maybe you’ve got plans to drive home after the concert ends, or perhaps you’re looking to relax for a few short hours before you hit the books. Maybe instead you’re simply new to cannabis and want to take things slow. Truth be told, there are countless situations that warrant knowing how long a high will last. Let’s take a look at this popular question in greater detail to learn exactly how long a high lasts, what a high feels like, and what you can do to bring down your high if it’s a bit too intense.

How Long Does a High Last?

There are several factors to consider that will ultimately determine how long a high lasts. From your body’s metabolism to the method of cannabis consumption, there is no singular answer that will satisfy everyone. That being said, there are some things we can learn to establish approximately how long your high will last. Let’s take a closer look at the variables to consider.

The primary factor that will determine how long your high lasts is the method of consumption. While smoking cannabis produces an immediate high, its effects will often last for only one to two hours and will peak within the first thirty minutes.

Cannabis edibles, on the other hand, take anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours to kick in. Depending on the amount of THC consumed, the high can last for up to 9 hours (with an extremely powerful dose) but will usually last for anywhere from 3 to 4 hours.

When dabbing with concentrates, the high is also nearly immediate, but the duration of the high depends largely on your tolerance. Those who dab with concentrates often experience a high that lasts for only a few hours, while those new to concentrates and dabbing can be wiped out for the entire day.

What Does It Feel Like to Be High?

A cannabis high will be different for everyone, no matter what method you used to get high in the first place. Some users may experience a calm euphoria while others may grow excited and energized. At the end of the day, the feeling of being high will change from person to person, and from product to product.

That being said, cannabis products will often list the general properties that most people will experience while high, from increased appetite to creative enthusiasm. If you’re new to cannabis, look for products that are mellow and relaxing as opposed to those that are energizing. Indicas and hybrids are a great place to start because their effects are rarely overwhelming.

How Much Weed Does It Take to Get High?

The amount of weed you need to get high is dependent upon several different factors, the primary ones being the THC concentration of the product you’re consuming and how you’ve chosen to consume it. For instance, a 50-milligram edible will produce a longer and stronger high than smoking a joint with a 20% THC concentration.

While THC percentages don’t tell the whole story, they’re still a great source of information that can help you anticipate what’s to come. THC percentage is important in flower, but the THC concentration is a key factor in edibles, and it’s usually measured in milligrams (the average single dose of THC in an edible is 5 milligrams).

How to Lessen Your High

If you’re experiencing an intense high, remember that it will pass with time. While tactics exist that seek to bring down your high, there’s no substitute for being patient and waiting it out. Some methods that can help lessen your high include ingesting black pepper, drinking water, taking a cold shower, and consuming CBD oil. If these tactics don’t work, simply fall back to the things that would normally make you feel calm, such as relaxing music or drawing. Keep in mind that no deaths have ever occurred as a result of ingesting too much marijuana, so no matter how high you may feel, you’re still safe at the end of the day.

How to Fully Enjoy Your High

Getting high is a wonderful experience, but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. To avoid a high that’s too intense, start with small doses and work your way up. Over time you’ll find what works for you, and from there you can increase your dosage as needed. Remember that the higher amount of THC you consume, the less you’ll need to feel the effects. And if you want to increase the length of your high, opt for an edible as these produce longer-lasting effects. At the end of the day, simply remember that cannabis is your friend, whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or a total ganja newbie.

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