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How Long Do Dabs Stay In Your System?

We’re fully aware that dabs can be a little intimidating amongst those that haven’t tried dabs before. After all, if you’re accustomed to smoking flower that contains 20-30% THC, toking with 70%+ THC isn’t exactly a familiar practice. But have no fear! We’re here for you and we want you to know that everything’s going to be okay. Whether you’re searching for pain relief or a good buzz, concentrated cannabis can provide immediate results.

One of the most common cannabis questions we receive from new dabbers is “how long do dabs stay in your system?” but that question alone is somewhat vague. To answer it accurately, we must first identify exactly what is being asked.

How Long Do Dabs Stay In Your System?

Let’s start by refining this question a little bit. Are we talking long-term or short-term? Do you want to know how long the high is going to last and what it’s going to be like? Or are you more concerned with how long dabs stay in your system so that you can successfully pass a drug test? Do you want me to stop asking so many questions? Are you sure? Okay, okay, you win. Let’s move on to the answers you’re looking for.

How Long Will Dabs Make You Feel High?

Let’s get started with the short-term effects of a dab. As we’ve briefly discussed, dabs are more potent than your typical flower. Keep this information in mind and start slow when you begin dabbing. Your body may not be used to all that THC, so taking a large dab might be a little overwhelming.

The high will come on fast and strong, so get ready for a wave of sensations and enjoy the ride. And if you’re used to burning a few bowls at a time, you’re going to handle this just fine. The high from a dab is comparable to multiple bowls – it just comes on much faster.

But if you start feeling a little too stoned, don’t panic. Remember that the feeling will pass with time, and all will be okay. Dabs are the weed equivalent to taking shots, but you’re not going to blackout and start losing your lunch. Worst case scenario, you end up a little too stuck to the couch for a couple hours. But hey, a few more episodes of your favorite show on Netflix never hurt anybody.

If you’re really concerned about the high wearing off quickly, drink plenty of water and go for a walk. Increasing blood flow and circulation helps to kickstart your metabolism which in-turn helps process all that THC. In short, if you’re wondering how long dabs stay in your system (with the primary concern being how long you’ll stay high), the answer is typically 1 to 4 hours depending on your current tolerance to THC.

How Long Will Dabs Be Detectable By Drug Tests?

Now, if you’re asking how long do dabs stay in your system because you’re concerned about drug tests, we’ve got a bit of bad news. Dabs, unfortunately, aren’t some sort of magical work-around. In fact, you’ll be putting more THC into your body with each dab, so you’re more likely to test positive for a longer period of time. To dive into the nitty-gritty of THC’s long-term effects within your body would require an entirely separate post, so I’ll keep it short for now: drink lots of water and exercise regularly. THC clings to fat cells in the body, so anything you can do to limit that is going to help you return to normal in a quicker fashion.

From brand-new smokers to weathered, veteran tokers, dabs are one of the best ways to kick up your high and experience some new sensations. Don’t let high THC numbers scare you away from trying something new, but always remember to start slow and find your comfort zone.

When it comes down to it, this is still your old friend Mary Jane. She’s just switched up her style a little bit! Get the crew together for a session or hunker down in your living room solo – just make sure before you get dabbed out that you’ve got some water and munchies within arm’s reach. With all this newfound knowledge, you’re ready to fire up that torch and enjoy dabs to the fullest. And if you’re wondering what you should know before taking your first dab, we’ve got you covered there as well. 


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