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4 Reasons You Need a Cannabis Delivery Service

Recreational cannabis has been booming for states like Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Alaska. Cannabis dispensaries are looking for a way to up their game at any given moment. Right now cannabis delivery service is on everybody’s mind, but how easy is it? Is there a minimum for delivery? I’m a medical patient, will that apply at my checkout? The answers to these questions will vary from state to state and dispensary to dispensary. Sometimes it’s as simple as ordering a pizza. 

For instance, our own Portland, Oregon marijuana delivery service was constructed to be as easy as possible. Simply browse the online menu, type in your delivery information, apply your medical card (if you have one) like you would a coupon and select your payment method. It’s quite amazing when you really try it and see how easy it is. Unlike other marijuana delivery services, we accept debit cards, we never apply a delivery fee, and we do not require you to upload a copy of your ID card.

Why Marijuana Delivery?

The next question is, why marijuana delivery? If you live in a state where cannabis is recreational you’re probably used to walking into a dispensary at this point. Delivery is the future, but why? The convenience of delivery at your door has taken off with companies like Amazon. Cannabis delivery has really saved me in moments before going out or having a dinner party, but most of the time I am just feeling lazy. Being lazy aside, there are plenty of other good reasons why you might need a marijuana delivery service. Here are our top 4.

Cannabis Delivery Service Makes Weed More Accessible

As important as it is to allow medical and recreational customers to consume cannabis legally, it does not necessarily make it easier for them to do so. Dispensaries face an exhausting number of restrictions when it comes to getting products to their patients. For example, dispensaries must operate in designated areas only and whole counties can opt out of allowing them in your area altogether. I found this extremely difficult when I was without any reliable means of transportation. The closest dispensary was a 20-30 minute bus ride one way compared to a 5-10 minute car ride one way. I started utilizing cannabis delivery the most before I had a vehicle and now that I have one it is still my go-to option anytime I need to restock my stash. I can’t imagine how this is for other medical patients trying to gain access, especially when mobility may be even more limited. I have friends who are parents of young children and if they can’t find a sitter, they can’t buy their medicine. Dispensaries do not allow children or anyone under the age of 21 without a medical license inside. This may also be a concern for others if they are worried about being seen going into a dispensary. Even though the nature of your reasoning or condition is private, the fact that you are treating it with cannabis may be frowned upon by your friends, family, and peers. These are all issues that can be avoided when using a marijuana delivery service.

Cannabis Delivery Service Saves You Time

There are times where I am out of cannabis for days, if not weeks, because of my schedule. I get so busy with work, exercise, and life in general that fitting in a stop to the dispensary before I get home seems unthinkable. I rarely even have enough time to get lunch on any given day. Cannabis delivery has been a major game changer in this area. When ordering delivery you are usually given a two-hour window to expect them at your door. This tool is so useful to me before I leave work. I put in my order and select my time slot based on when I leave work for that day. It gives me enough time to drive home, change into my pajamas and start dinner. I typically get my delivery during dinner or right after. I’ve just been lucky I guess, but I need it the most right before bed. Cannabis helps me keep a regular sleep schedule and relax after a long day.

Cannabis Delivery Service is Safe & Private

Security is improved on both ends with the use of a cannabis delivery service. This happens a couple different ways. The most obvious of which is the reduction of stoned drivers on the roads. The nature of these often “cash-only” storefronts for dispensaries deal with large sums of money on hand which will always be vulnerable to attack. Cannabis delivery service reduces the amount of money on hand by accepting electronic transactions with a debit card. The inconspicuous dress attire of a delivery driver and unmarked vehicles makes them less of a target as well. None of your neighbors will have the satisfaction of knowing your personal business as well as anyone you might not want to see you walking into a dispensary. Your secret is safe!

Legitimate cannabis delivery service drivers work for and represent your trusted dispensary. All of these products will go through a scrutiny of screenings from pesticides, growing media, irrigation and nutrition procedures. This is not your typical “backyard deal” anymore. No more shady conversations, there’s a friend at your door instead of meeting some guy in a weird basement and it is a quality treat tested and made specifically for you.

Cannabis Delivery Service is Convenient

Getting anything delivered to your door increases convenience while eliminating the risk. Confidence and convenience are reasons enough to accept any type of delivery service, but particularly cannabis delivery service. Just think of the privacy. A welcome medication delivered promptly and discretely in person at your door that can be worked around your particular schedule, game over. Last Sunday I did not feel like leaving the house, so I ordered a delivery for the time slot of 12 pm-2 pm. I took a shower, got back in my sweats, put on my go-to Netflix show and waited for my door to ring. I got to enjoy my one day off without having to leave my house for anything. Cannabis delivery service was made with your convenience in mind.

Diem Cannabis – Cannabis Delivery Service

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