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Eat It, Smoke It, Or Rub It All Over My Body? The Best Ways To Use Marijuana

“Smoking” weed is so last year. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve already been bombarded with CanaThis and CanaThat advertisements. If you use google’s auto-finish algorithm as a barometer of social change, you’ll find that the question “how to smoke weed” is slowly transitioning to much more well-rounded “how to use marijuana?” What used to be a smoker’s-only club, with the occasional pot brownie here and there, is now filled with a wide variety of options. Everything is cannabis-infused and you just aren’t sure if taking a fat bong rip for your back pain is your best option anymore. Don’t worry. We’re here to guide you through this choose-your-own-adventure of weed consumption.

How To Smoke Weed (Properly).

Weed and humanity – we’ve got a pretty epic relationship. Thousands of years old, in fact. But, as these things do, it’s gotten complicated over time. When the ancient Mesopotamians wanted to get high they didn’t have gravity bongs – they had to smoke it from a clay pipe. As time has gone on, the intricacy of pipes has changed dramatically. The modern human has used our huge technologically-enhanced brains to invent all kinds of complicated gadgets to smoke weed out of. Smoking weed has been around forever and doesn’t show any signs of going away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to innovate and improve on one of humanity’s favorite past-times.

Vaporize Me, Baby.

If you’re not into the smoke but still dig the feeling of taking a satisfying drag, vaporizers might be your new best friend.

We love the vaporized form of weed consumption because you get a much clearer taste of the strain and even stronger “high”. One of the most popular ways to vaporize marijuana concentrates is with a dab rig. Yes, that weird bong-looking device with the blowtorch and the red hot metal tip. It looks kinda sketchy, but it’s a much cleaner way to consume marijuana. Just be mindful if you’re new to the “dab” scene. Concentrates can range from 50%-90% THC content. Rule of thumb: Tiny dabs at a time.

Baby steps? Try vape pens. Much easier to control your intake. Think of it like this. What a dab rig is to a bong, a vape pen is to a joint. What’s inside the the cartridges are primarily made with a Butane Hash Oil (BHO) distillate (typically ~75-95% THC), but there are some CO2 oil cartridges on the market as well.

Get Your Munchies Before The Munchies

Don’t wanna put your lungs through the weeds anymore? You’re not alone. The marijuana edible scene has expanded from “the magic brownie” to ice cream, chocolate, gummies, even super healthy nut bars. Again, take this one commandment of weed consumption to heart. Always start with less than you think you can handle. 5mg is the commonly recommended dosage, and after eating your edible, GIVE IT TIME. We’re going to say this one more time. GIVE IT TIME. We’ve all heard that one story about your friend who “didn’t feel anything, so he ate more” story where he ended up sleeping out on your front lawn.

Like we said, start with low doses when experimenting with edibles. THC can be up to 4x more powerful when it’s digested. For those that have a high tolerance (and you better be sure), try maxing out with a 50mg dose. Squibs are especially good if you are ready to take the full concentration, because they are a one-bite gummy. Gron chocolate bars and WYLD gummies are perfect if you want to take your time with that 50mg edible and eat a little at a time. If you’re interested in an edible with no THC, Gron and WYLD both produce fantastic CBD rich edibles with ~50mg CBD and 0mg THC.

Who said munchies were just for the high part of your weed experience? Eating and drinking edible marijuana is definitely one of the most enjoyable ways to use marijuana

Rub It Where It Hurts

If you’re wondering how to use marijuana without smoking and you don’t feel like eating or drinking anything, try a CBD salve. Sure, these methods won’t get you high, but THC is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent that, when applied directly, can significantly reduce swelling in a short time. Topical oils, balms, and lotions are great tools to help you out when you worked too hard at the gym, reduce pain from arthritis, bruising, and help you with common aches and pains like foot pain. Lots of these are also boosted with all-natural ingredients that promote well being. If you can ignore your conservative relatives opinions, you can take advantage of its extremely well documented healing properties and begin to live a life with less pain and discomfort.

Stick To The Classics

Who are we kidding?

We know that there’s nothing more satisfying than lighting up a doobie with your friend on a sunny afternoon. Don’t have time to perfect your rolling skills? Worry no more, my young grasshopper. You can just get pre-rolled joints or even pre-rolled blunts, so now you can also feel like Snoop Lion (yeah, Snoop. People don’t forget).

If there is something you need it for, marijuana is there to help. No matter how you do it, do it responsibly, and above all else, enjoy your Diem.