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The Best Purple Weed Strains Right Now

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Green Rush. Yeah, like, Gold Rush but with weed. The funny thing is that if you’re a true weed connoisseur (cannasseur?), you already know that the good stuff is actually purple. Purple weed strains usually have that fruity aroma and incredible taste. You also probably know that they tend to have powerful effects on the body.

Let’s get into a little history first.

The Early Days of Purple Weed

The cultivation of purple weed first came about back in the 1970s with the introduction of Purple Haze. That legendary sativa started growers down a path to cultivating the best purple weed strains. Some outdoor growers discovered that if they exposed their crop to low temperatures they could influence the color of the plants. Suddenly, growers could turn virtually any strain they wanted into a purple one. This technique, however, actually reduced the potency of the flower! Nowadays we have a better understanding of which plants are meant to be purple and how to successfully grow them.

Now, there are tons of different rumors out there about how to grow purple weed, but it really comes down to two simple things:

  1. genetics
  2. climate control

O2 and CO2 deprivation, excess nitrogen, varying levels of water, blah blah blah. All that stuff is just a bunch of nonsense that’s going to lead to an unhealthy plant.

Do you know what you get from unhealthy plants? Unhealthy weed, which is decidedly not dope. You know how leaves change colors around the fall time? Same idea.

Growing The Best Purple Weed Strains

If you want to grow the best purple weed strains, all you need are seeds with a genetic disposition to purple and the ability to mimic the temperature of the fall season. You really can’t take shortcuts when it comes to genetics, but temperature can be manipulated. Plants get their color from pigment molecules called flavonoids. Purple weed gets its color from anthocyanin, a flavonoid that is usually overpowered by all of the green chlorophyll. During the fall, cold temperatures begin to degrade chlorophyll, allowing other flavonoids to display their colors. In nature, this change in temperature serves as a kind of reminder for plants to get themselves pollinated before the winter. Showing their true colors makes them more attractive to helpful birds and bugs. To replicate this process indoors, growers drop the temperature to around 50F for the night cycle. This temperature doesn’t harm the plant and allows anthocyanin to thrive. And it’s not just about looks: anthocyanin is also an antioxidant with powerful anti-inflammatory traits.

The Best Purple Weed Strains

Here are our favorite purple weed strains right now:

Purple Punch

Peter Piper picked a pound of Purple Punch.

A pound of Purple Punch, Peter Piper picked.

If Peter Piper picked a pound of Purple Punch,

Where’s the pound of Purple Punch Peter Piper picked?

He smoked it all and he didn’t even share. Which is hella rude, but it’s ok because we picked some, too!

This strain has become extremely popular all down the West Coast, and for a good reason! If you’ve ever drooled over the thought of the perfect purple weed, Purple Punch is what you were fantasizing about. This gorgeous indica is teeming with orange hairs and frosted with a layer of white trichomes, but what really makes it eye candy is its purple petals. This batch grown by Eugreen Horticulture has the sweet, berry punch flavor this strain is known for and leaves you in a happy, relaxed state of mind.


GS Cookies:

While we’re on the topic of well-known strains, we might as well talk about one of the nation’s most popular. GS Cookies (aka GSC; fka Girl Scout Cookies) is one of the most sought-after strains over the past decade for its triple threat status of look, flavor, and effects. GS Cookies is sweet and earthy and creates a relaxing, euphoric state of mind that was previously only attainable from a roll of frozen Thin Mints. The purple petals, orange pistils, and the coating of crystals make this flower as potent as it is pretty with over 28% active THC! We don’t have the sash or the badges, but we’ll still bring you cookies straight to your front door!


Kimbo Kush Shatter by Cultivated

Flower not for you? Not to worry. Even though you can’t see the purple anymore, you can still get all of that sweet goodness in your dabs. Kimbo Kush was named after the late backyard fighter, Kimbo Slice. Much like the fists of that mammoth man, this concentrate is sure to hit you with some knockout power. While the amount of purple tends to vary in this flower, you can be sure that the effects are consistent. If you struggle with insomnia or just like to get stoney-bologna, step into the octagon with Kimbo and see if you can make it through the first round.


Grape Stomper Oil Cartridge by Select

Make sure you have a way to take some purp on the go! Grape Stomper (aka Sour Grapes) is a great strain and Select is a great company. Select offers some of the nicest cartridges on the market, and they make sure to fill them with super high-quality distillate. This cartridge has a full gram of Grape Stomper distillate with almost 90% active THC! In flower form, purple tends to be a minority but is present in most phenotypes. This stuff first hits you with a euphoric cerebral high, but, like a true hybrid, a nice tingly-body high settles in moments later.


Diem Cannabis – The Best Purple Weed

Whether you just like the color or you’re craving the flavor, we have some of the best purple weed strains you can find in Oregon, and we’ve always got our eyes peeled for the next best thing! Next time you’re ready to order, forget about all the purple weed myths and put some trust in the expert farmers all over this state. But when it comes down to it, no matter the color, smoke up and enjoy your Diem

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