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The Revival of Hash

When it comes to smoking cannabis concentrates, hash is about as old school as it gets. It’s a solventless cannabis concentrate that focuses on isolating the high-THC trichomes from the rest of the plant material. Once one of the most popular methods of smoking, hash has fallen out of the limelight with the astounding new selection of extraction techniques. But just because hash is old school, doesn’t mean it’s outdated. The industry keeps finding new ways to keep hash relevant in the current concentrate landscape. 

Today, we’re here to teach you about the different kinds of hash – and how to best enjoy it using your favorite tools.

Dry Sift Hash

Dry sift hash comes from the oldest of all techniques and results in a simple, easy-to-use product. The process of making dry sift is simple. To make it, all that’s needed is some fine screens, a bunch of weed, and plenty of patience. Any grade of weed can be used, from kief to shake and sugar leaves, but the best results come from the most trichome-dense plant material. 

Once the starting material is selected, it’s shaken over a screen, switching to a finer one after each pass. With every round over a finer micron screen, some excess plant material is removed. Eventually, what’s left a fine powder similar to kief, but with a higher THC content! This kind of hash is “partial-melt”, which means it should be combusted rather than vaporized (dabbed).

While you may not be able to dab this hash, it’s extremely versatile when it comes to smoking it. If you want to keep it old school, pack up a hash pipe and puff like it’s the ‘60s again. Alternatively, you can use it to dress up your finest flower bowls or pack an extra punch into the joints and blunts you’re rolling up. However, you choose to spend your smoke sesh, adding in a little bit of hash can go a long way.

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash (aka ice hash) is the next most popular kind of hash and requires a more complex process, but the hard work results in a finer product. Depending on who you ask, the use of the word “bubble” comes from either the “bubble bags” often used in the process or the fact that a full melt hash bubbles on a dab nail. 

Bubble hash involves exposing cannabis to ice water in order to freeze the necks of the trichomes (often called fresh frozen). Doing this makes it easy to knock those THC-rich trichome heads loose from the plant material with simple agitation. Then, everything gets run through specialized screens until you’re down to 75 microns or lower. The result is a clumpy wet powder that needs to dry, and then, voila, a solventless concentrate that may even be pure enough to be considered a full-melt, dabbable product.

While most bubble hash runs don’t result in something dabbable, this technique still produces a more potent concentrate than dry sift with the same level of versatility. If you’re lucky enough to find a full melt bubble hash, dab to your heart’s content, but remember that you can always use it to add some extra oomph to your flower.

Full Melt Hash

This is where things get really fun. Diem Farms is using a new technique to exclusively pull the trichome heads directly from plant material, resulting in a hash that is 99% trichome heads.

The result is a dabbable, full-melt hash. This stuff is so clean, you can literally just scoop some out and drop it right onto your nail. According to the hash rating system, our half-melt bubble hash is considered a 4-star hash while our full-melt hash receives the highest grade possible at 6 stars. This is an insanely clean product that uses absolutely zero solvents such as butane, propane, or CO2. You can’t find a cleaner cannabis extract on the market.

Some tedious, new tricks to making hash are bringing the old dog back into the spotlight. A solventless cannabis concentrate that you can roll blunts with, smoke bowls of, and dab straight has a place in every stoner’s stash box. Whether you’re going full melt or half melt, you can’t go wrong, especially when the starting material is 100% sourced from Diem Farms.


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